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Dartmouth’s Admissions and Financial Aid Sites Get Revamped

ITS Web Services worked with project staff to update design, improve usability, and clarify language on critical Dartmouth gateways.

By Elizabeth Kelsey, Editor of Interface

When Dartmouth’s Admissions Department needed to update its website, the project posed unique challenges.

Women in Technology: Christina Dulude, Web Architect/Engineer

As technical lead for the Web Services team in ITS, I manage the development of Dartmouth’s websites and their integration with other campus systems. Web Services client websites include those for academic and administrative departments, as well as centers and initiatives and the homesite - for a grand total of close to 200 separate sites.

Accessible Dartmouth

When architects design a building, they should consider everyone who may enter the structure. If it’s a public, commercial, or institutional building they MUST consider all, as this is part of Life and Safety code. Ramps and the width of doorways ensure passage for those in wheel chairs; brail helps the blind locate specific rooms; the heights of switches, water fountains, and handrails accommodate all potential users.

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