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    IDL for Macintosh


    This application uses a network license manager and requires a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run IDL.

    IDL 8.3

    (This installer includes ENVI, which most users need not select for installation.

    Securing Your Computer


    It’s easy to be secure. Information Technology Services would like to share with you the following ideas on how to be secure online and keep your computer safe:

    Take Care When You Surf: The Web is Full of Phish

    Installing EQS


    1. Download EQS 6 from -
    2. Click Save File to Disk and put the downloaded file in a local folder.
    3. Double click the downloaded file. You will be prompted for the EQS password to unzip the file. This should have been provided by MultiVariate Software when the license was purchased.

    Software Installers

    Konica Minolta Windows Setup


    Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information, click Start, then right click Computer then click Properties. The information under the Windows edition heading includes the version of Windows your computer is running (i.e. Windows 7 Enterprise). The System heading has information on your version of Windows (i.e. 64 bit operating system).

    STELLA for Windows


    1. Download STELLA.
    2. Double click the downloaded file, and copy the STELLA_10.0.4_Windows folder to the desktop.
    3. Double click the STELLA_10.0.4_Windows folder on your desktop, then double click STELLA_10.0.4.

    OpenAFS Client for Linux


    The OpenAFS client can be installed on any Linux distribution but the details of how to do so vary. You will need root permission and usually some familiarity with a command line. The process is complicated by the necessity for a kernel module that must match the kernel you are running.

    Install JMP or JMP Pro on Mac


    Note: The "13" in the steps below is the version number, which may change in future releases.

    Leaving Dartmouth - Blackboard and Canvas


    Within 60 days of your departure, you will lose access to Blackboard. This means any materials from your course sites that you want after you leave should be downloaded to a non-Dartmouth location prior to then.

    Canvas allows you to download a zip file of all your assignment submissions in all of your present and past courses, packaged into a single zip file. In Canvas, go to your profile settings, and then click Download Submissions to generate the zip file.

    Install JMP or JMP Pro on Windows


    Annual license installers for Windows contain the files needed to run in 32-bit mode and in 64-bit mode. On 32-bit PCs, the installer will only install 32-bit files. On 64-bit PCs, you will be prompted to install either 32-bit or 64-bit files.

    The 13_0 in the steps below is the version number, which will change in future releases.


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