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    Uninstall DartAlert (Alertus) for Mac


    1. Open Activity Monitor (typing "Activity Monitor" in the spotlight search in the top right corner is usually sufficient).
    2. Find and click the Alertus Desktop process to select it
    3. Click the red stop sign to Quit Process.
    4. Open the Finder window.
    5. Navigate to the Applications folder.
    6. Drag the Alertus Desktop application icon to trash to uninstall.


    Staff Data Security Guide


    See the attached document for information on securing staff data.

    A to Z Index of Downloads for Macintosh



    DartAlert is part of a campus-wide communications system that Dartmouth would utilize in the event of an emergency. AlertUs is the application that allows Dartmouth's authorized personnel to relay important emergency alert information to your computer screen.

    Mac OS X

    IT Help for Professional and Graduate Schools

    Applies To

    Faculty, staff and students in the Professional and Graduate Schools

    Installing EQS


    Dartmouth no longer provides an enterprise license for EQS from Multivariate Software. Individual EQS licenses must be purchased and renewed for those requiring the software.

    Installing GreenPrint on Linux


    1. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:631. If you receive a 404 error, CUPS is not correctly installed.
    2. Click administration and add printer. For the port type select LPD/LPR. (These menus will vary in different versions of CUPS, but in principle are the same).
    3. In the connection URI field enter ldp://

    MyFiles and OneDrive when leaving Dartmouth


    When you leave Dartmouth, any files stored in your MyFiles space or the OneDrive space attached to your account will no longer be available to you. Prior to leaving, make sure to copy any files you will need after Dartmouth to a location you have access to from a non-Dartmouth account.

    DLRecorder for Macintosh


    1. Click here to download DLRecorder.
    2. You will prompted by the Dartmouth Web Authentication page for your NetID and password to authenticate for access to the download.
    3. Double-click to downloaded file and run the installer.


    "Could not reconnect all network drives" error



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