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    Dartmouth Information Security Committee (DISC) Charter


    Windows XP


    As of August 1st 2014, Windows XP has been permanently blocked from running on Dartmouth's network unless it is behind a special segment of the network set up specifically to limit access to these machines. This includes Macintosh computers that are running Windows XP in any virtual environment (via parallels, boot camp, VMWare, etc.).

    Support Policies for Students


    Undergraduate and Arts & Sciences graduate students at Dartmouth can access immediate assistance in any of the following ways:

    Network Policies


    Wireless Access Points

    Procedure for Lost or Stolen Computers


    If a Dartmouth-owned computer or smart phone has been lost or stolen, the department that owns the machine should notify:

    Sponsored Accounts


    KeyServer Mission and Purpose


    Support Policies for Administrative Departments


    Administrative departments within the College can access immediate assistance in any of the following ways:

    Retention Policies


    Email Retention

    Messages deleted from an email account are retrievable for up to 30 days after the Deleted Items folder (trash) has been emptied. Users can do this themselves using the Outlook for Windows or Macintosh clients, or the web interface. After 30 days, these messages cannot be retrieved.

    Junk Email (Spam) Policy


    "Spam" is Internet slang for junk email. Some advertisers use spam email as a way of sending their marketing materials to large numbers of recipients without having to pay printing and mailing costs.


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