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    Producing a New Video with Media Production Group


    If you need a video or audio project to promote a program or event, or to preserve or document historical materials, the ITC Media Production Group can provide you with help planning and producing, editing, and distributing original videos, audio and media.

    Tips for Getting Started

    Planning and Producing

    Best Practices for Desktop Video Conferencing


    As desktop video conferencing tools become more commonly used, there are a few best practices you should be aware of to help ensure the best video and audio connections for your meetings.

    Video Conferencing Service Overview



    Classroom Technology Services provides video conferencing services in a handful of uniquely equipped classrooms and conference rooms. This experience is ideal for small and medium-sized groups.

    Available to

    Faculty, staff, and students

    Benefits and Features

    With collaboration and conferencing tools, working groups are able to be more productive and travel less.



    Videoconferencing is a real-time, fully interactive video connection between two or more persons in different locations. Solutions are available for individuals and groups, for two or more locations, and where Ethernet or phone network connections are required.

    Personal Conferencing

    Video Consulting


    For advice on the following items, send email to [email protected].

    Install and Configure Skype for Business


    Download Skype for Business

    Windows users with Microsoft Office 2016 installed should already have Skype for Business 2016 installed.

    If you have a Windows computer and a different version of Microsoft Office installed (and can't upgrade) or have a Macintosh computer, download the version you need from the links below.

    Download the appropriate installer from the list below (Lync is the name of Skype in older versions of the product):

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