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    DLRecorder for Macintosh


    1. Click here to download DLRecorder.
    2. You will prompted by the Dartmouth Web Authentication page for your NetID and password to authenticate for access to the download.
    3. Double-click to downloaded file and run the installer.


    "Could not reconnect all network drives" error


    Incoming Students Computer Minimum Hardware Requirements


    The minimum hardware requirements for the class of 2021 are as noted below. We believe that starting with a computer that meets these minimum requirements will enable students to have a useful computer for their four years at Dartmouth.

    Macintosh Computers

    • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB
    • RAM: 8 GB or more
    • Operating System: Macintosh OS X 10.10 or higher

    Windows Computers

    Protect Your Computer from Malware


    To minimize the chance of your computer being infected by a virus or other type of malware, we strongly recommend you have a malware protection program installed on your computer, and that it be set to scan any floppy, CD, or file you download from the Web.

    Incoming Students Computer Warranties


    • For students that purchased the recommended computer packages through The Computer Store as part of the offerings to incoming students, the following warranties are included:
      • Macintosh computers come with the option of a one-year or three-year AppleCare warranty, or a four-year Safeware Accidental Damage warranty. The Apple warranty covers manufacture defects only (not accidental damage);

    Incoming Students Purchasing Software


    During your time at Dartmouth you can purchase software titles, or many other types of technology, through the Computer Store, often at academic pricing.

    Download Apple Quicktime


    Quicktime is a program used for displaying video and playing sound files on your computer. Some Dartmouth class material may require Quicktime. Apple supports Quicktime for Windows and Mac OS X. Both Quicktime versions can be downloaded from Apple's web site. Alternatively, a computer running Mac OS X can download the current version of Quicktime by running the Mac OS X software updates from the Apple menu.

    Configure Dartmouth Secure for Mac OS X


    In order to configure your computer for the Dartmouth Secure wireless network you need the following:

    Installing GreenPrint for Macintosh


    1. Download GreenPrint-KM.
    2. Navigate to where the file was downloaded on your computer and double-click the GreenPrint-KM.dmg file.
    3. Open the GreenPrint-KM disk on the desktop.
    4. Double-click the Popup.pkg file to view the Install Pharos Popup Client installer
    5. The installer's welcome message appears. Click the Continue button twice.

    GreenPrint Printing Allotment


    GreenPrint is Dartmouth's public printing system.

    Printing allotments:


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