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    Subscribing to a Campus Listserv


    There are numerous listserv mailing lists that can be subscribed to at Dartmouth. You will need to know what list you wish to subscribe to in order to submit your subscription request. You may need to ask a peer or the list owner in order to make an appropriate subscription request.

    OmniUpdate Support

    Duo Second Factor Devices


    As part of the Duo enrollment process, you need to select which device you are going to use to receive codes from Duo. Devices can also be manually added by a Duo account administrator once you have enrolled. Users can self-service add a device or manage their devices to their Duo account independent of the enrollment process. See this article for instructions to Manage Devices:

    Resource Accounts (Calendar Only)


    CyberArk - Access from OS X without a VM


    To access the CyberArk PSM from OS X without using a Virtual Machine with Windows, you will need the latest version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, version 8.0.33, which requires OS X 10.9 or later. You can download it from the App Store at

    To connect:

    Departmental Accounts

    Departmental Accounts

    Getting Started with Box


    First you will need to log in:

    1. Go to
    2. You will be prompted with Part of Dartmouth College? dialog box. Click Continue.
    3. Login with your Dartmouth NetID and password.

    Once you have logged in to your Box account, you are ready to start uploading files.

    Box provides online training for getting started.

    Sharing Documents in Box


    There are two ways to share files in Box - via collaboration or via a shared link.

    Box Add-In for Microsoft Office for Windows


    Migrate from MyFiles to OneDrive on Windows


    Switching from MyFiles to OneDrive for Business for storage of your files is a 6-part process. Your computer should be connected to the wired network when you make this switch. It will take time, depending upon the amount of data you are moving.


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