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    Recover deleted items


    Items emptied from your Deleted Items folder are not recoverable after 28 days. To recover items emptied from your Deleted Items folder less than 28 days ago:

    Joining a Group Mailing List


    To add your name to a group mailing list, the request needs to be made by logging into your Dartmouth account via Blitz Web Access (BWA).

    Dartmouth Unity Voice Mail Guide


    Access Your Voice Mail

    From an On Campus Phone: Press the messages key, then enter your password as prompted.

    Note: On occasion, the message light is shows red on your phone and doesn't go out once you clear the messages. To turn off the message light when there are no messages, dial 72099 from your phone.

    From an on Campus Phone Other Than Yours: Dial 6-1000. You will be prompted for your ID (your 5 digit extension), then your password.

    Common Problems with Set Top Boxes


    The most common problems with set top boxes (STB) are:

    • The TV is not set to Channel 4.
    • The batteries in the STB remote are dead.
    • The STB is plugged into the wrong input on the TV.

    Connect the set top box to the TV either:

    Installing a Set Top Box


    1. Plug the Set Top Box (STB) into a network port using an Ethernet cable.
      1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the network jack labeled “Main RJ45 Network Jack” on the back of the Set Top Box.
      2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an active Ethernet port near the television
        Note: If you need help locating this jack on the back of the STB, see the diagram below. The network jack is located on the back of your phone.

    Accessing Your Voice Mail


    To pick up your voice mail messages from your own on campus phone:

    • Press the messages key on your phone, then enter your password as prompted.

    To pick up your voice mail messages from a campus phone other than yours:

    • Dial 6-1000. When your call is answered, press *. You will be prompted for your ID (your five-digit extension), then your password.

    To pick up your voice mail messages from an off campus phone:

    Dialing Instructions from On Campus Phones


    Use the information below to dial another number from an on campus telephone:



    Videoconferencing is a real-time, fully interactive video connection between two or more persons in different locations. Solutions are available for individuals and groups, for two or more locations, and where Ethernet or phone network connections are required.

    Personal Conferencing

    800 Numbers for Departments


    Toll-free numbers are available for departments with the assistance of Network Services. They allow people located on or off campus to contact a department without the user have to paying for long-distance charges.

    For assistance email [email protected].

    Making International Calls


    Faculty or Staff who need to make international calls from their Dartmouth telephone need to send an email to [email protected] requesting that their desk phone be configured to allow international calls. Once that is complete you can dial the number directly using the format: 8+011 + country code + city code+ telephone#


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