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    System outage notifications


    Security Scans of Machines Attached to Network


    Periodically, Dartmouth's Information Security office performs vulnerability scans of all devices on the network, looking for systems susceptible to specific exploits. These scans will not exploit any vulnerabilities they find, but rather produce a list of machines that need to be updated. Staff from Information, Technology & Consulting then reach out to the owners of machines identified to let them know of issues found. 

    Dartmouth Font


    Dartmouth is updating the fonts (typefaces) that we use for branding. See for information on the fonts, and how to download them. 

    Dell D6000 Dock


    Dell’s D6000 Universal Dock is the dock that Dartmouth deploys with the Dell Latitude 7480 laptop. Unlike previous Dell docks, the D6000 does not have its own power switch. This means when your laptop is in the docking station, to turn on the laptop, you will need to use the power button on the laptop; not on the docking station.

    As long as your laptop is connected to the dock, and the dock is plugged into an electrical outlet, the battery on the laptop will charge.


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