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    Fixed Asset System


    The Fixed Asset System is maintained by Procurement Services. The Fixed Asset System tracks departmental capital assets and inventory.

    OIM - Oracle Identity Manager


    Banner - Student Information System


    Banner is the student information system in use at Dartmouth College. It provides the functionality to maintain a wide range of student data, including admission, financial aid, course, and grade information.

    HRMS - Human Resources System


    Oracle HRMS (Human Resources Management System) is used by Human Resources, Employee Information Services, Payroll, and the Finance Centers to manage the complete life cycle of the Dartmouth work force. Access to this system is limited to staff in these departments.

    Troubleshooting OnBase Unity Connection


    The OnBase Unity client requires a VPN connection while the web interface does not. You must log into VPN before launching the desktop Unity Client. If you do not have an active VPN connection, the Unity Client will keep trying to connect and the login screen will simply hang with no progress bar or visible activity.

    If this occurs, go into Task Manager (by pressing ctl+alt+del keys) and stop the Login process. The Unity client will then error out. You can then start a VPN connection and start up the Unity client successfully.

    COEUS - Grant Management System


    COEUS is Dartmouth's institutional repository for information about grant proposals and awards. Grant data is accessed through robust searching and reporting features within this system. For more details and to obtain access, please visit the Coeus-Dartmouth's Grant Management System page on Office of Sponsored Projects website.

    Maintaining Address Books on Konica Minoltas


    Address books on Konica Minolta machines can only be maintained by departmental administrators who have been granted this right. Please work with your department's IT support office if you require this.

    EMS Training


    Training is currently available on an as-needed basis. It is assumed that all attendees are computer literate. To request training, please contact your EMS systems administrator or e-mail [email protected] and provide the following information:

    1. Attendees names.
    2. Training needs.
    3. Preferred training dates.


    OpenSuite - Student Health System


    The OpenSuite set of applications from Point and Click Solutions, Inc., is used by the Dartmouth's Health Service for managing health care for students and staff.

    OGA - Oracle Grants Accounting System



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