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    IT Orientation Websites


    Listed below are some websites we believe are helpful in familiarizing yourself with services offered at Dartmouth. The "Core Services" section is what we cover during new student orientation sessions each fall.

    Dartmouth is Happy!

    Konica Minolta Copiers - Reports using Account Track


    Departments who need to track and bill copier usage on Konica Minolta devices need to have Account Track enabled, and the PageScope Data Administrator application installed on a Windows computer. Once that is done, follow the steps below to report on the usage.

    Switch GreenPrint from Color to Black and White on Macs


    Greenprint will default to print in color if you are using one of the color printers in the Greenprint system. To change your default so that you always print in black and white, and don't get assessed the higher charge for printing in color, follow the steps below:

    Create shortcut to launch a FileMaker Server database


    Follow the steps below to create a shortcut for opening FileMaker Server databases without opening FileMaker first and selecting the database from a list.

    Troublshooting Konica Minolta and Mac OS X 10.11


    If you are having issues with a computer running Mac OS X 10.11 and printing to Konica Minolta printers, ensure that the printer queue on your computer is set to LPD. Unlike earlier versions of the Mac OS, Mac OS X 10.11 default to IPP when setting up a print queue, and this leads to all sorts of issues.

    Uninstall KeyAccess from a Macintosh Computer


    1. Double click the computer's hard drive icon - Macintosh HD.
    2. Open the Library folder, then open the StartupItems folder.
    3. Drag the KeyAccess folder to the trash.
    4. Restart your computer.


    Reset DNS on Windows


    1. Click Start then Control Panel.
    2. Click Network and Internet then Network Connections.
    3. Right click the adapter you are using and need to change then click Properties from the menu that appears.
    4. Scroll down to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) adapter and click Properties.
    5. Click Obtain DNS Iserver address automatically then OK.

    Reset DNS Servers on Mac


    1. Open Finder then double click Applications in the left menu bar.
    2. Double click System Preferences from within the Applications folder.
    3. Double click Network.
    4. In the left hand navigation column, click the first connection that is marked Connected to select it. All active connections have a green dot next to them.
    5. Click the Advanced button found in the lower right corner.

    Network Service Request


    To request general network services, complete the Network Service Request form.

    Use this form to request services, such as:

    Securing a FileMaker Database


    Dartmouth provides a secure, centralized environment for hosting FileMaker databases that contain DISC level 2 and 3 data. Each database hosted on this server must adhere to certain security guidelines.

    There are four parts to getting your FileMaker database ready and hosted on the secure FileMaker server.


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