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    SPUD - Sponsored Projects Upload Device


    The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) at Dartmouth College uses the Oracle Grants Accounting financial system to manage grants from various agencies and organizations with many researchers. The Sponsored Projects Upload Tool (SPUD) is used for uploading journal entries for grant or combined grant and non-grant-related funding. SPUD uploads the financial transaction to the Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) system and General Ledger (GL).

    The Online Dartmouth College Directory


    The Online Dartmouth College Directory is the publicly viewable online directory of faculty, staff, and students at Dartmouth College. Individuals can log into the Directory to review and update their work contact information for presentation in the Directory. Note: The Online Dartmouth College Directory should not be confused with the Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) which provides a listing of Dartmouth community members and email accounts.

    WebADI Settings


    WebADI is a tool used for uploading Journal Entries to the General Ledger. This tool requires the use of the WebADI Excel template and has specific setting requirements for both Excel and Internet Explorer as follows:

    System Requirements

    • Windows 7
    • Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 48.0
    • Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013

    Excel Settings

    WebADI - Journal Entry Submission System


    The Web Application Desktop Interface (WebADI) is a tool managed by the Controller's Office that is used for uploading Journal Entries to the General Ledger (GL) when they do not involve grant funding. If you have entries that do involve grant funding or a combination of grant and non-grant funding, you must use the Sponsored Projects Upload Device (SPUD).

    Yardi Property Management System


    Yardi is a system used by the Real Estate Office for tracking property management, including tenant leases and financial reporting. This is a Citrix-based application that relies on your Dartmouth NetID and password as the user login credentials. For additional information about Yardi, please contact Robin Pych in the Campus Services division.

    Nolij Transfer


    Nolij Transfer is a web-based data matching, review, and upload solution for pushing all types of electronic (e.g., CollegeNet, ApplyYourself, CommonApp, SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, LSAT, etc.) or paper-based (e.g., recruit cards, applications, etc.) information into a database. This product allows for the automated data entry of information extracted from hand-printed paper forms (e.g., recruit card), web forms, text files, and virtually any other input format. With Nolij Transfer, you can:

    Nolij Web


    Administrative Systems Service Overview



    Dartmouth provides support for software applications focused on the particular needs of individual departments and business divisions throughout the institution. We leverage well-established partnerships with administrative departments to align their business needs with the appropriate enterprise service.

    Portfolio highlights include:

    Accessing the Endowment Security Gifts system (ESG)


    The Endowment Security Gifts system (ESG) is used to track the activity of a security gift donation. It records initial instructions from the donor for broker(s), etc. It is used by the Investment and Institutional Accounting offices as the gift moves from initial contact to final accounting.

    T2 FlexCollege Parking System


    T2 Flex is a web tool used by Campus Services to administer the College parking system. Access to T2 Flex is only provided through the Parking Office. The link to T2 Flex is


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