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    Add Directory Lookup to Outlook for Windows


    Important Note: A Microsoft Office update from mid-October 2017 removed the ability to use this functionality within Outlook due to security concerns. You will need to open a web browser and go to to access the directory.


    Office 365 Groups using Outlook 2016

    Sharing Documents in OneDrive


    Share a file or folder by inviting people. Go to the site library that has the file or folder you want to share. Right-click (Win) or Ctrl+click (Mac) the file you want to share, and then select Share.  This can be done with the OneDrive sync client on Macintosh, Windows or mobile devices, or in OneDrive accessed via

    Best Practices for Collaboration


    There are many ways to collaborate and communicate in Office 365. A good overview on this topic can be found online at

    Once you have started to use collaboration tools as part of your daily workflow, you will want to use these tools and services in a way that ensures continuity for you and your collaborators.

    Create a Microsoft Team


    Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that brings together conversations, content, and a set of tools for teams to collaborate.

    We recommend users download and use the Teams client rather than using BWA as being available for chat requires that you always be logged into Teams via if you don't have the client. The client is available for download from

    Add or Remove Members to SharePoint Site


    To add users to a SharePoint site:

    Show Group Calendar when Opening Outlook


    This functionality is not available in all versions of Outlook. Access to group calendars is described below.

    In Outlook 2016 (Windows)

    Collaboration Defined


    Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. 

    In the past, what this might look like could be for someone to create a document, spreadsheet, or presentation then email it to a Dartmouth colleague requesting comments, markups or additions. This document might be sent to multiple people, requesting feedback, then time is spent merging changes and edits into the original document. This results in multiple copies of the document living in many places, taking a lot of time to manage.

    Request a New SharePoint Site


    SharePoint Online is part of the Office365 suite and is a powerful platform on which to build team websites for collaboration. A SharePoint Online site allows you to centrally manage and share files, assign tasks, build lists, share announcements, manage schedules and more.


    To request a new SharePoint Online site send an email to [email protected]. Include the following information in your email request:

    Best Practices for Office 365 Teams

    Best Practices for Teams

    • Use the Teams application rather than accessing this tool via a web browser. When the application is running, if there is any activity on the Team, the application will notify you whereas accessing Teams via a web browser only shows you the activity if you're logged into the site. There are separate apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Windows phone.


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