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    Incoming Students Computer Purchase


    Backing Up your Data


    The best preventive measure you can take against any computer disaster is to be sure your data is backed up.  While backups might seem like a tedious task, when your files are backed up, if a file is accidentally deleted or your computer suffers a hardware problem or is stolen, your data are safe and can be restored.

    Network Options


    Visitors to Campus:

    To connect to the Internet on campus, select "Dartmouth Public" from the list of available public wireless networks. For more information, see How Do Alumni, Guests, or Members of the Public Use the Wireless Network?.

    Remote IT Support Sessions


    Information Technology Services (ITS) has a tool called TeamViewer that allows our staff members to take control your computer remotely, but ONLY WITH YOUR EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

    Adding or Removing Software on your Computer


    Installing new programs or upgrading an existing program can occasionally cause computer problems. It is a good idea to upgrade a program only if you really need or want the new features in the upgrade or are having problems with an older version, not just because it is the latest and greatest version.

    Supported Computer Hardware


    Information Technology Services consulting staff are prepared to assist any Dartmouth student, faculty, or staff member with any of the hardware listed below. We have experience with and resources available to provide support for all of these.

    You may choose to use hardware not found on this list. In fact, many items not on this list are available for purchase through The Computer Store. Other groups on campus may also provide support for hardware you choose to use.

    Configure Dartmouth Secure for Windows 7


    In order to configure your computer for the Dartmouth Secure wireless network you need the following:

    • A connection to the Internet. This can be any wired or wireless connection.
    • A wireless card in your computer where the wireless antenna is enabled.
    • Your Dartmouth Credentials: NetID and Password

    You do not need to be on the Dartmouth network in order to configure your computer for the Dartmouth Secure network.

    Online IT Courses


    If you want to learn more about technology on your own time and at your own pace, consider the many online courses tutorials provided across Dartmouth. You can learn everything from how to author web pages to making spreadsheets in Excel.

    Software and Computers


    Dartmouth provides many software programs free of charge for most general computing and academic purposes to members of the Dartmouth community.

    Computers and commercially available software and peripherals can be purchased on campus through The Computer Store.

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)


    Dartmouth uses F5's Big-IP VPN system (also known as F5 Access) for establishing VPN tunnels. See the appropriate link below for information regarding a VPN tunnel for all connections:


Information, Technology & Consulting