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Access Discoverer Viewer or Plus


IMPORTANT: Discoverer will be shut down on January 2, 2017. All data should be in the data warehouse prior to that date.

To access Oracle Discoverer 11g Plus or Viewer for Banner you must disable any pop-up blockers for this site. If you do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer, you will be prompted to allow it to run and will have to set the Java security settings to include //

  1. When you initially connect to Discoverer, you may not have any connections built. To create a connection, click the Create Connection button on the right side of the window. Enter the following information:
    1. Connection Name - Enter a meaningful name.
    2. Connection Description - Enter a description for the connection [e.g., Banner (Production) DartEUL].
    3. Locale - Leave it at the default (Locale set in user's browser).
    4. User Name - Enter your NetID in the User Name field.
    5. Password - Enter your password in the Password field (the password will not be stored, but will be used to validate End User Layers (EULs) that you have access to and your ability to connect to the Oracle application server).
    6. Database - Specify which database you would like to connect to (copper, zinc, tin, etc.). Note: For DartEUL please input Banner for production.
    7. Click Apply to submit your entries for validation.
  2. If you have access to only one of the following EULs (End User Layers), DartEUL or FASEUL, then the connection definition will finish and your connection will have been successfully defined. If you have access to both DartEUL and FASEUL, an additional window will appear. Specify which EUL should be associated with the newly defined connection.

You can create as many connection definitions as needed. It is recommended you include the name of the Oracle Database in your connection definition, and if you have access to multiple EULs in any one database (copper, zinc, tin, etc.), to include the EUL name to readily distinguish the purpose and destination of one connection from another. Below are some examples of EULs and databases:

EUL Names

  • DartEUL - Banner data and Sponsored Projects data.


  • Banner (Copper) - Production
  • Banner_dev (Zinc) - Testing
  • PreProd (Iron) - Testing

Start Discoverer

  1. Once a connection has been created, click the Connection link under the Connection column.
  2. Discoverer will launch the connection, prompting you for your password.
  3. Click the Connect button on the right side of the window.
  4. If your user name and password are successfully validated and you are running Discoverer Plus, the Workbook Wizard will display, along with a dialog box to either open an existing workbook or create a new workbook.

If you are running Discoverer Viewer, you should now be connected to Discoverer 11g!


Connections are a set of specifications that Oracle Discoverer uses to connect to Oracle-based systems. The connections you create are browser and local client machine specific. In other words, if you switch to another client machine or to another browser, you will need to recreate the connections. Connections can be used for both Discoverer Viewer and Discoverer Plus.

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