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Campus IP TV Service Overview



Television is available over the campus wired IP network through a service called DarTV. Network Services delivers 64 channels of content ranging from foreign language channels to standard network broadcast channels. There are also channels available for content originating on the Dartmouth campus.

Television is also available over the wireless network for those students residing in on campus housing through a service called Xfinity On Campus. 

Quick Access

See the DarTV Web site for instructions on starting DarTV.    

See the Xfinity Service website for instructions on using Xfinity. 

Available to

DarTV is only available on the Dartmouth wired network. DarTV content cannot be viewed on the campus wireless network. The service is available to Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students.

Xfinity is only available to students residing in on campus housing. 

Benefits and features

View television content anywhere via the wired (DarTV or Xfinity) or wireless (Xfinity) networks. No physical TV is needed since DarTV and Xfinity can be viewed via computer.


For DarTV, your computer must be plugged into the campus wired Ethernet network and registered for the campus network, and you need to be running the latest version of Java on your computer.

For Xfinity, you need to be a student residing in on campus housing. 

Getting Started

Please view the following Web page for instructions on launching and using DarTV.

See the Xfinity Service website for instructions on using Xfinity.

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