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When things are quiet at the Walk-In Center: there are customers asking for assistance, no ServiceNow tickets that are open, e-Chat has no pending questions and the office is tidy, you can use the time to learn something new. Brush up on things you may have forgotten, or learn those things you should know for your job as an employee of Information Technology Services.

You can review the Canvas IT Student Engagement course modules for updated information AND to point out where new information can be entered that can be useful to the other Student Consultants.  You can find this class in your Canvas courses.

Any of the full-time IT consultants can provide you with a list of topics to study if you are unable to think of something. Reading through the FAQs, KnowlegeBase articles and past answers within ServiceNow are constructive uses of your time. We have notebooks of Windows and Apple solutions which are also good review material. Additionally, there is a test Macintosh laptop and a test Windows laptop that can boot into multiple operating systems so you can become familiar with a computer that you might know much about.

The Walk-In Center Student positions requires a great deal of technical knowledge. In addition to acquiring knowledge about the entire Macintosh and Windows hardware platforms, you must also have knowledge of the software packages in the office. We cannot become expert users on all software packages, but should know the basics of what the packages do and be proficient at researching Web sites where we can obtain additional information.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

If you have questions or need further information, contact your department's IT support office, or contact the IT Service Desk via email at [email protected], via phone at 603-646-2999 or walk in to see them in Baker/Berry 178J.

Information Technology Services