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OmniUpdate Editing Tips


Many of these tips are Dartmouth-specific.

Logging In to OmniUpdate

Web Services has converted all OmniUpdate user accounts to use Dartmouth's Web Authentication System. Login using your NetID and password.

If you have problems or questions, email Help.

Paste Command

Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel documents can sometimes lead to poorly-formatted text on your web pages.

To help prevent this from occurring, you can only paste in content in the WYSIWYG editor as plain text. There is only one Paste button now available on the Toolbar, Paste as Plain Text (see image below):

When you click on the Paste as Plain Text button, a pop-up box may appear (see below). Paste your content in this box, then click Insert. Or, when you click on the Paste as Plain Text button, the content may automatically be pasted in the WYSIWYG editor; you will not get the pop-up box below. (All short-cut commands will also work in the editor.)

You can then apply standard formatting using the options available from the Format drop-down menu on the Toolbar.

If you have questions, please contact Help.

File Naming Rule

OmniUpdate insures that filenames conform to the established file naming convention set for all our client websites. When creating files or folders (directories) or uploading text or binary files through OmniUpdate's interface, make sure your files are named properly [lowercase characters, numerals, hyphens, and underscores only, followed by a dot (.), then the extension (.html, .pdf, etc.)].

For example, house.jpg, new-edition.html, issue3.html; not Blue house.jpg, New Blue.htm, new document_forGreater understanding.doc. If you attempt to use any other characters in the name, you will not be allowed to create the page/folder or upload pages, images, or documents.

You will not be able to replace any old file(s) that violate the file naming convention. You must upload new file(s) that conform to the new file naming convention, then update all links to point to the new file(s).

If you need help renaming or deleting files, please contact Help.

Page Creation Process

There are three page creation buttons in OmniUpdate that help simplify the process for creating pages and sections in your website.

  • To view a screencast on the New Section/Folder creation process, click here.
  • To view a screencast on the New Page With Image and Caption creation process, click here.
  • The New Page button follows the same process as you are accustomed to, so we have not created a screencast for it.

If you have questions, please contact Dartmouth Help.

Uploading Images/Documents

Uploading images and documents using OmniUpdate is easy.

Images and other binary files (like PDFs, flash files, etc.) are uploaded into the /images/or /docs/ (or /pdfs/) folder, at the top level of the website, to the Production Server. These files should never be uploaded/exist on the Staging Server.

Web pages and other editable text files (like HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, XML, etc.) are uploaded to the Staging Server. They must be published to go live to the Production Server.

Access to Checked Out Pages

If a web page on your website is checked out by another Username and you need access to that page, please ask that person to check it back in. To find out who has it checked out, hold your mouse pointer over the locked padlock; it will tell you what Username has it checked out. As a last resort, Web Services has the ability to check the page in for you.

What Does It Mean to Have "Checked Out" Pages in OmniUpdate, and How Do You Check Them In?

A page is checked out when you, the site editor, have selected to edit a page. You may have content on that page that is not complete, needs review, or isn't ready for publishing.

Light bulbs signify two different statuses:

  • A yellow light bulb signifies a page is checked out to you, the site editor.
  • A white light bulb signifies the page is checked in and available for others to edit.

Checked Out Pages Are Revealed in the Dashboard > Current Projects Area

Dashboard > Current Projects Not Showing Any Pages In the List Signifies All Pages Are Checked In

Phasing Out Support for Internet Explorer 6.0

OmniUpdate has phased out their support for Internet Explorer 6.0. By harnessing the latest improvements in web browser technology, they can continue to improve OmniUpdate and deliver more sophisticated features and improved performance.

Although the system will still function normally, the most recent version of OmniUpdate works more smoothly and quickly with Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2+, or Safari 3.

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