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Installing GreenPrint for Macintosh


  1. Download GreenPrint-KM.
  2. Navigate to where the file was downloaded on your computer and double-click the GreenPrint-KM.dmg file.
  3. Open the GreenPrint-KM disk on the desktop.
  4. Double-click the Popup.pkg file to view the Install Pharos Popup Client installer
  5. The installer's welcome message appears. Click the Continue button twice.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Enter the administrator's password for your computer, then click Install Software.
  8. The GreenPrint installation will run. Click Close when complete. We recommend restarting your Macintosh.

From now on, when you want to send a file to a GreenPrint printer, be sure you are on the Eduroam or Dartmouth Secure wireless networks, connected to the ethernet network or are on the Dartmouth VPN and select GreenPrint-KM as the name of the printer you want to use, then click Print. A Pharos pop-up window will appear. Enter your Dartmouth NetID or user name and password in the appropriate fields, and enter the name of the job you are trying to print. Click Print. This job will now appear in the list of print jobs available for release at any GreenPrint Release Station.

NOTE: If this process fails for any reason an alternate workaround is to email your document to [email protected] and follow the directions from the reply message. For more information see GreenPrint Mobile.

If you want to print a duplex (double-sided) GreenPrint job, do nothing.  GreenPrint-KM defaults to duplex printing.

If you wish to print Single-Sided, and you have not set this up on your computer previously, do the following.

  1. Open an application's File menu - Print command (do not use Google Chrome or Adobe Acrobat for this).
  2. Select the GreenPrint-KM printer from the pop-down Printer menu.
  3. Click Show Details if present.
  4. Click Copies & Pages if present.  If not present, click the Application Name (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and click Printer Features.
  5. In Feature Sets click General and select Finishing Options 1.
  6. In Print Type click 2-Sided and select 1-Sided.
  7. In the Presets pop-down menu click Default Settings and select Save Current Settings as Preset....
  8. In the Preset Name field enter GreenPrint Single-Sided or something similar.
  9. Leave Only this printer selected and click OK.
  10. Click Print and you should be prompted for your Dartmouth credentials and print job name. Click Cancel if you do not wish to print this document single-sided.
  11. To revert to the Default Duplex (2-sided) printing, in the Print dialog box, change Presets back to Default Settings.
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Monday, August 29, 2016

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