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WordPress is popular blogging platform. WordPress at Dartmouth has two main uses: traditional blogs, in which content is added to the site more or less regularly, and is primarily organized chronologically; and the construction of simple web sites.

WordPress at Dartmouth is made available on a self-service basis and is not considered a mission-critical system.

Quick Access

Existing WordPress sites can be accessed and new WordPress sites can be requested at this site. A valid Dartmouth NetID is required.

Available to

Current Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff. There is no provision for non-Dartmouth guest users. The intended use for WordPress sites at Dartmouth is for academic and curricular uses, not for personal sites.

Important centers and departments with strong marketing and branding needs should not use the WordPress option. Subdomains ( and redirect requests are not supported with this platform.

Benefits and Features

WordPress allows Dartmouth users to create blogs or simple web sites without much technical expertise. The look and feel and the functionality of WordPress sites can be customized by choosing certain themes and by installing certain plug-ins. The number of these plugins and themes is limited.

The intended use of WordPress sites at Dartmouth College is curricular or academic. For example, WordPress sites can be used for student projects related to courses, for faculty professional web sites, or for research lab web sites. However, WordPress is not the only tool available for these use cases. A consultation with [email protected] is recommended in order to establish whether WordPress is the appropriate tool for a given use case.

The primary benefit of WordPress is that it is easy to use, that sites can be created very quickly, and that users often already know how to use WordPress, since it is a common tool outside of Dartmouth.


Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for WordPress. Using the most up-to-date browser and flash versions is highly recommended.

Up-to-date browser and OS requirements for WordPress can be found here.

Get Started

To help decide whether using WordPress for a web site or web project makes sense, we encourage faculty to contact an Instructional Designer by e-mailing [email protected].

Some basic information on how to use WordPress can be found at here.

Lynda has some excellent WordPress resources [login with your Dartmouth NetID]. The “WordPress Essential Training” course is a good introduction to WordPress; start on section 3, “Starting WordPress for the First Time.” Please be aware that many of the courses discuss installation, creating custom themes, and other functionality that is not supported by the installation of WordPress hosted at Dartmouth. provides a plethora of knowledge on their support web site. As with the Lynda courses, not all the functionality discussed on is available on Dartmouth’s hosted WordPress.

Contact us

If you have any questions about whether or how to use WordPress, email [email protected].

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