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Staff Profile: Elijah Gagne, Database Administrator

Elijah is a Database Administrator who joined the DBA team this past December for a six-month Structured Query Language (SQL) Server consolidation project. He recently redesigned the backup environment for SQL databases and is now building a cluster to consolidate the number of servers Dartmouth uses to run them. After the projects wraps up, he looks forward to playing a role managing Computing Services' Oracle database environment.

Smartphone Security: The Importance of Encryption

by Steve Nyman
Chief Information Security Officer

iPhones and Droids are lost and stolen every day. Let’s face it, even though our lives are stored on them, most people don’t protect the personal information stored on their phones.

Department Spotlight: Research Computing

Computing Services' Research Computing division helps Dartmouth scholars and researchers use computing to reach their academic goals by providing software, hardware, consulting, and training.

Five Cyber Security Tips from Dartmouth's CISO

Dartmouth's Chief Information Security Officer, Steve Nyman, is a former FBI Agent and naval officer who also spent ten years as the global head of information security at Pfizer,  where he was responsible for safeguarding the company’s IT assets and other confidential information from attack by hackers.

Software Spotlight: Dr. Paul Manganiello on tutorials

Each quarter we ask a Dartmouth community member about a Computing Services application.


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