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Macintosh Viruses

We have seen a recent rash of Macintosh computers coming into the IT Help Desk infected with a virus. We have traced some of these to downloading eBooks that are infected with a virus so be sure you only download books from reliable vendors.

You can also install Symantec's Endpoint Protection software to provide some defense against these viruses. Dartmouth provides this software to members of the Dartmouth community at no cost.

Connecting to Dartmouth Resources from Off Campus

Many of Dartmouth's computing and information resources are available from off campus, although you need a connection to the Internet to access them. We recommend using a secure connection through a virtual private network (VPN) (authentication required).

One local ISP, Fairpoint Communications, has established a discounted Internet plan for Dartmouth employees. For details, see the Dartmouth Affinity Plan.

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Upgrade

When Apple Computer or Microsoft Corporation release an upgrade to their operating system (OS), the upgrade normally includes many new and improved features. We are often anxious to take advantage of these new features as soon as possible, but there often are compatibility issues when new system software becomes available.

Skype for Business

Beginning Tuesday, April 14th, Lync 2013 will be upgraded to Skype for Business via the Windows Update process. Lync Online will also be upgraded to Skype for Business. While the user interface will immediately look different due to a change in color and icon depiction, it will continue to be familiar to Lync 2013 users.

People running Lync for Macintosh will not be affected by this transition at this time; people running Lync 2010 will not be affected by this transition until they upgrade to Office 2013.

New Services in 2015

The following new systems/services will be available to members of the Dartmouth community in 2015.

Spring 2015

Secure Data Backup: We will begin rolling out a new backup service to faculty in the Arts and Sciences to ensure that their data is always protected against computer loss or hardware failure. We will contact all Arts and Sciences faculty directly with information about this service when it becomes available.

Information Technology Backup Test 12/21 & 12/22

Notice to Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students:

On the weekend of December 21 and 22, Information Technology Services (ITS) will conduct a test to ensure that critical computer applications and services have a sufficient level of redundancy or backup. The timing of the test, during the first weekend of the holiday break, is meant to minimize the impact of any potential service disruption. It is, however, possible that users could experience an interruption of some systems, including email, MyFiles/OurFiles, and Banner. See below for a complete list.


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