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Phishing: Don't get hooked

You may not realize it, but you are a phishing target at school, at work, and at home. Ultimately, you are the most effective way to detect and stop phishing scams. When viewing email messages, texts, or social media posts, look for the following indicators to prevent passwords, personal data, or private information from being stolen.

Beware sketchy messages. Phishy messages may include a formal salutation, overly-friendly tone, grammatical errors, urgent requests, or gimmicks.

ITS People Doing Cool Things: April "Food" Day for The Haven

On April “Food” Day 2016, ITS Employees donated 256 pounds of groceries to The Haven, a non-profit, private organization that serves people struggling with poverty by providing food, shelter, education, clothing and support.

In March, Vice President for Information Technology Ellen Waite-Franzen told ITS staff:

David Avery's Path to Dartmouth

The Systems Administrator Retires from Dartmouth after more than 30 years of service.


By Elizabeth Kelsey

David Avery joined ITS—then, Computing Services—in 1985 as the system administrator for an IBM 4381, a mainframe computer that supported research computing. The 4381 weighed over one ton, and with its cabinets side-by-side, would have stretched 40 feet long. Priced at 1.2 million dollars, the machine had 8 gigabytes of disk and 16 MB of RAM. By comparison, an iPod 4 has more RAM and storage.

Guard Your Privacy When Offline or Traveling

Planning a spring break vacation? People are frequently more vulnerable when traveling because a break from their regular routine or encounters with unfamiliar situations often result in less cautious behavior. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, these five tips will help you protect yourself and guard your privacy.

Track that device! Install a device finder or manager on your mobile device in case it's lost or stolen. Make sure it has remote wipe capabilities and also protects against malware.

"I'm a huge fan." Why Instructional Designer Adam Nemeroff uses BlueJeans Web Conferencing


How often have you used BlueJeans? When did you start using it?

On average I’m using it a couple of times a week. I started using it a couple of months back when I was looking for a dedicated conferencing solution that was a bit simpler than WebEx to use. My primary need was a space where I could easily add collaborators with minimal plugins or other pre-work before our video meetings.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Arrives at Dartmouth

When associate director of ISTS Bill Nisen was looking for a way to share ideas with off-campus connections, he contacted Video Service Specialist Jim Goodrich, account manager for Dartmouth’s BlueJeans video conferencing service.

“People want tools that are easy to use,” Goodrich says. “BlueJeans is one of the more robust and reliable desktop conferencing tools I’ve used, yet it’s so simple.”

Securing Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become one of the primary ways we communicate and interact with each other. The power of a computer is now at our fingertips, allowing us to bank, shop, view medical history, attend to work remotely, and communicate virtually anywhere. With all these convenient features come added risks, but here are some tips to protect your devices and your personal information:

Warren Belding: An Essential, Supporting Role at Dartmouth for 43 Years

By Elizabeth Kelsey

Warren Belding, Manager of IT Desktop Client Services, has worked at Dartmouth for so long, he outlasted his first job: the equipment he was hired to run is defunct, and the building in which he first worked no longer stands. But through the years, Warren’s skills evolved with changing technology, enabling him to support the computers of faculty, students, and staff with the software and hardware they need. For over 43 years at the institution, Warren has played a role in countless reports, projects, and designs.

Security Spotlight: You and Your Information are Everywhere

When you're online you leave a trail of "digital exhaust" in the form of cookies, GPS data, social network posts, and email exchanges, among others. It is critical to learn how to protect yourself and guard your privacy. Your identity and even your bank account could be at risk!

ITS Staff Awards, Fall 2015 – Team Spirit

Every term, 166 members of ITS gather for an all-staff meeting, where Vice President for Information Technology, Chief Information Officer Ellen Waite-Franzen introduces new staff, plans for the future, and presents awards. This term, starting with the Collaboration Award, Interface will highlight ITS award winners, who embody ITS values and advance Dartmouth’s mission through their work. 

Winners of the Collaboration Award worked together to form multi-unit partnerships to achieve shared goals, solve problems, and create new services.


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