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The KGB Wants You!
Sep 18, 2018

Be careful what you click, be suspicious when asked for private information, and NEVER provide your login credentials! Here’s why: In 2015, several Dartmouth faculty were victims of phishing email sent by the Russian FSB (formerly known as the KGB). In 2017, Iranian attackers gained the login credentials of several Dartmouth accounts (the Iranian operatives were identified by FBI and charged in federal court in NY). Dartmouth was one of over 100 colleges targeted. Fortunately, in both of these cases, the attackers did not penetrate Dartmouth systems.

The media has been covering Russian government meddling in our elections, as well as cyber attacks by Iran, China, and North Korea. As international tensions continue, and domestic political strife reaches a boiling point approaching the November mid-term elections, the Dartmouth community needs to be alert to phishing attacks. If you’re thinking that no one would be interested in your information, think again. Regardless of your role at Dartmouth, access to your account has a lot of value to attackers, even if only as an opening to other Dartmouth users/systems or other colleges, and the federal government.

Phishing is a low-tech attack. During the 2016 presidential election the “hacking” of DNC email of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta was nothing more than a simple phishing email which tricked Mr. Podesta into providing his email username and password. That low-tech attack provided thousands of confidential email messages to the Russian attackers. Our email system is bombarded daily by thousands of spam messages, including phishing email. Fortunately, Microsoft Advance Threat Protection catches most, but some do get through.

Be alert! When in doubt, or if you believe you may have clicked on something malicious or fraudulent, contact the ITC Service Desk at [email protected] or your IT support group for assistance.

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DartHub Enhancements
Sep 10, 2018

In response to student feedback, Information, Technology and Consulting (ITC) has implemented improvements to DartHub (aka BannerStudent). Changes include enhancements to the Search feature, the ability to hide the Calendar sidebar and the addition of a What’s New link. And don’t forget that you can click on the DA$H Account link at the top of the DartHub window to view your account transactions and balance. A new, friendly, user interface has been added to view DA$H details. For a full list of the recent improvements, please log in to DartHub and click on the What’s New link in the left-side navigation bar.  

Please keep your suggestions coming! Based upon your feedback, ITC will be making regular updates to improve DartHub. You can provide DartHub feedback via the Feedback link in the left-side navigation bar. Thanks for your support! 

Need assistance with DartHub? Contact the ITC Service Desk at [email protected] or 646-2999, or your IT support group.

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Wireless Network Changes Scheduled for August 29
Aug 17, 2018

At 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 29, the Dartmouth Secure wireless network will be retired and eduroam will become the College’s secure wireless network on campus, at Centerra and DHMC. 

Why eduroam?   

This change will streamline our wireless network and improve wireless access for the Dartmouth community. eduroam is a world-wide roaming service that provides researchers, teachers, students and administrators easy and secure wireless network access at participating institutions. You can seamlessly connect to eduroam with your Dartmouth username and password wherever it is provided. 

What do I need to do? 

- If you use a “wired” connection no action is needed. 

- If you’re already connected to eduroam, you’re all set. 

- If you’re still using Dartmouth Secure, please add eduroam as a wireless connection. For step-by-step directions, please go to  

- If you’re currently away from Dartmouth,  

   - Before the 29th – please be sure to add your eduroam wireless connection as soon as you return. 

   - After the 29th – please use Dartmouth Public wireless to connect and setup eduroam. 

   - If you work on the DHMC campus, further instructions will be sent to you by Geisel Computing or Thayer Computing.

For assistance, please contact your computing support team, email the ITC Service Desk or call 603-646-2999.

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DarTV to be Retired on September 1
Aug 15, 2018

On September 1, 2018, Information, Technology and Consulting will retire DarTV in favor of Xfinity on Campus, a TV-streaming service for use by residential students and in common spaces such as residential hall lounges and Alumni Gym. Already available at Dartmouth, Xfinity on Campus provides a rich TV-viewing experience including access to pay-per-view events and on-demand programming, and the ability to customize TV viewing. For additional information, please see Xfinity on Campus Service Details and Xfinity on Campus FAQs. Still have questions? Please contact the ITC Service Desk (646-2999) for assistance. 

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IoT Devices on Dartmouth Public Wireless (HomePod, Echo, etc.)
Mar 12, 2018

On Thursday, March 15th at 7 a.m., the network will be upgraded to permit Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the Dartmouth Public wireless network. In addition, the Dartmouth Public wireless network will no longer require opening a web browser before getting a connection. This change is the result of feedback from faculty and students.

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Report Phishing and Spam
Jan 16, 2018

Microsoft now provides a way to report spam or phishing messages that arrive in your inbox directly to Microsoft. By using this reporting mechanism, Microsoft’s system learns how spammers are getting around filters and continually changes to improve filtering so future messages are flagged appropriately. See for more information.

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Change to Connections to Central File Servers
Dec 18, 2017

Tonight (12/18/2017) at 10 p.m. Dartmouth will turn off an older method of connecting to central file servers (SMB1) within Dartmouth’s data centers. You should be able to operate as usual. If you have problems accessing your file on a server, please contact your department’s IT support office or call 603-646-2999.

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Planned System Outage on December 16
Dec 11, 2017

On Saturday 12/16, from 4am to 4pm Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) will verify the ability of Dartmouth's systems to switch to backup systems. The phone system, Email, Canvas, GreenPrint, Dartmouth’s website, xFinity and other systems will experience brief interruptions, or may require a second login.  Services like FAMIS, RStor, DartFS, Discovery, Polaris and Andes  will experience extended outages. 

This annual exercise verifies Dartmouth’s ability to rapidly restore access to systems and that the process in place will work in the event of actual service disruptions.  All services will be up by 4pm. Detailed updates will be posted during the event at

ITC has successfully executed this annual event for the past four years.

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Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra Security Issue
Nov 29, 2017

Update: Apple has posted an update which fixes the security vulnerability in Mac OS X 10.13 (high sierra) that was announced yesterday. To apply this update, click the Apple icon found in the upper left corner of your screen, then click App Store from the menu that appears. Click Updates from the top of that window and install any security updates found. It is important to note that this update will disable the root user. If you need this enabled (most people don’t), you will need to re-able it after the update is applied.

A security flaw was recently discovered in Mac OS X 10.13 (high sierra) which allows unauthorized people to take control of your computer. If you have not upgraded to this version of Mac OS, do not do so until Apple releases a fix for this. If you have already upgraded, follow the instructions at to enable a root user and set a password.  If a root user is already enabled, to ensure the password is not blank, follow the instructions from the Change the root password section. When setting a root password, ensure that the password is at least 8 characters and that you use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and ‘special’ characters. To see which version of Mac OS X you are running, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then About this Mac.

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New O365 App Launcher Look
Nov 9, 2017

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a new version of the application (app) launcher found within Outlook on the Web ( This roll out is expected to be complete by early 2018. The new version is designed to help you quickly open and switch between the applications you use most. The app launcher, found by clicking the tic tac toe board in the upper left corner of the window, is where you can access your Email, Calendar, Word Online, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel Online, Planner, Stream and much more. See for more information on this change.

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