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New Services in 2015

The following new systems/services will be available to members of the Dartmouth community in 2015.

Spring 2015

Secure Data Backup: We will begin rolling out a new backup service to faculty in the Arts and Sciences to ensure that their data is always protected against computer loss or hardware failure. We will contact all Arts and Sciences faculty directly with information about this service when it becomes available.

Streaming TV: We will begin testing a new system that allows students who reside in on-campus housing to stream TV shows on demand via Comcast’s Xfinity. There will be no changes to DarTV for everyone else. Anyone can still watch TV shows live if they are connected to the Dartmouth wired network.

Qualtrics: A campus-wide site license for Qualtrics – an online survey tool - will become available. This new service allows faculty, staff and students to create and conduct online surveys. It also presents, in a cohesive manner, the guidelines for conducting surveys at Dartmouth to ensure the respondent’s data is managed appropriately.

Summer 2015

Secure Data Storage and File Sharing: New options for secure data storage and file sharing will be available. A matrix will be available that describes each data storage option, the type of data that can be stored in each of our available services, and who can access each service.

Spam/Junk Email Filtering: Our spam (junk email) filtering will change to provide more granular control of junk email settings, and to be more intuitive than our current system for users. Instructions will be provided for how to set rules for controlling spam/junk email sent to your account.

The timeframes listed for these changes are only targets. We will update this site with detailed information as the specific dates are confirmed or additional services are added. In addition, detailed information about the changes will appear in VOX Daily as they get rolled out.

Information, Technology & Consulting