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Back to School Stats

With fall comes cool, crisp mornings, leaves tumbling to the ground, and a big influx of students and faculty returning to Hanover, or, in the case of the Class of 2021, arriving in town for the first time. Here are some ways ITC “sees” the beginning of the school year.


How many Canvas courses published in fall versus summer?

520 in fall, versus 126 in summer

GreenPrint pages printed in fall versus summer?

1,304,431in fall, versus 321,717 in summer

How many wireless devices are on campus on an average fall day versus an average summer day?

Fall: 10,500     Summer: 6,000    

Average uses of DarTV in the fall versus summer?

Fall: 1,500 sessions per day             Summer: 390 sessions per day  

Emails received in fall versus summer?

Fall: 353,000 messages/day             Summer: 258,000 messages/day

Information, Technology & Consulting