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The Computer Store's Best Sellers

Since Dartmouth's Computer Store opened its new location in McNutt Hall's basement this past spring, Purchasing & Sales Associate Erik Wagstaff has seen trends in ultra-book style laptops such as Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the Dell XPS and Latitude E6430U series. He also notes tablet lines are  picking up, with more customers leaning toward the iPad mini than the traditional-sized device.

It's no surprise that MacBooks and iPads fly off the shelves. But some of the Computer Store's other popular items might surprise you. Below, Erik gives a run-down of The Computer Store's five most popular items:

5.      iPads

"We have many in stock, and we also have a good variety of cases and accessories at great prices."

4.      Flash drives

"They're easier and safer to use than the traditional cd when turning in papers. Some laptops these days don't even have a CD or DVD drive, which makes these devices essential."

3.      iPhone accessories

"We offer very good pricing on all third-party accessories—even better than Walmart and Best Buy."

2.      MacBook Pros

"The style and look of Apple Products are popular. We offer educational pricing, and we keep these products in stock, so buyers can leave the store with a new computer immediately after purchase."

1.      Headphones

"We offer a wide variety. Prices range from $8 up to $300, and styles differ from those for active people to those that provide silence from outside noise.


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