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Dartmouth Honors ITS Staff in Annual Service Awards

Derrol Carter

User Support Technician Derrol Carter repairs a machine. This month, Dartmouth honors Carter for his 35 years of service.

On June 22, 2015 Dartmouth will hold Service Awards events for staff who’ve worked at the College for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 years consecutively as of June 30, 2015.

This year, 11 ITS employees will be included in the celebration. Two of them, Derrol Carter and Stephen Glinos, have worked as user support technicians in the Computer Store for 35 and 25 years, respectively.

Derrol remembers the days when what was then the Personal Computer Center only consisted of a service section—it didn’t include a store until 1995. In fact, when he first began working at Dartmouth in the late seventies, he didn’t repair PCs at all, but machines that had to be connected to the College’s mainframe to operate.

In the early eighties, IBM PCs appeared. Training programs weren’t available, and Derrol recalls buying manuals to learn how to service the machines. By 1984, Apple arrived on campus. “When the Macintosh came along, we got Apple School: a 3-4 day school held in Marlboro, Mass. I even have that certificate somewhere—my first certificate. Now, everything is online.”

Derrol, Stephen, and their colleagues service a variety of devices—anything the Computer Store sells. In terms of the repairs they’ve seen over the years? “Oh, anything you could imagine,” Derrol says. “Students’ machines, especially after a long weekend, pose problems: everything from cracked screens to liquid damage.”

Stephen: “We once had a customer bring in a laptop for repair that was left on top of their car. It fell off and was run over by the car behind them!”

Congratulations to all ITS Employees on their Staff Awards:

Stephen Johnson, 15 years, Campus IT Support

Keith Borgstrom, 20 years, Classroom Technology Services

Derrol Carter, 35 years, Computing Sales and Service

Stephen Glinos, 25 years, Computing Sales and Service

Craig Langner, 10 years, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Natasha Brown, 15 years, Human Resources Systems

Joseph Cheevers, 15 years, Human Resources Systems

Gary McLean, 15 years, Human Resources Systems

Paul Schmidt, 10 years, Network Services

Sean Dunten, 20 years, Network Services

William Hamblen, 15 years, Research Computing

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