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I Love Lynda

On a recent trip home, my mother referenced a previous conversation we'd had about my job at Dartmouth.

“Now, who was that lady who was helping you with your computer?”

“Do you mean Lynda?” I said.

My mom was right, in a way. I had been learning from Lynda, but more specifically, I’d been following one of the nearly 2,000 online courses offers on its website.

Lynda tutorials cover topics from architecture to web graphics—all taught by industry experts.

I had known about Lynda for a while and was excited when Dartmouth Computing Services began offering FREE premium Lynda accounts to all faculty, staff, and students last year.

Normally, premium Lynda accounts cost individuals $37.50 per month, but if you work or study at Dartmouth, all you need to do is log in with your Dartmouth username and password at to access videos and accompanying texts.

Lynda Weinman—she’s a real person—founded with her husband Bruce Heavin in 1995 to help professionals hone their software skills.

Through the years, the company has offered customers tutorials through VHS, DVD, CD-Rom and now, through online videos, which are searchable by subject and software.

An entire Lynda course can last several hours, but is divided into brief lessons that don't usually exceed ten minutes. You can stop viewing a particular clip and then easily find your way back to where you left off. Lynda keeps all of your courses in a file within an easy-to-navigate account.

Most recently, I learned WordPress Essential Training to set up this news site. I’m currently viewing Twitter for Business for tips on how to use the social media site to share Dartmouth Computing Service news.

Lynda has a convenient iPhone app, so I can even watch tutorials on the go. Once I complete a course, I receive a digital certificate, which I send to my supervisor so she’s aware of my new skills.

No matter your specialty at Dartmouth—whether you’re a film major who'd like to learn After Effects imaging software, a manager who wants advice on coaching employees, or a biology professor who plans to create a dynamic blog for your lab—Lynda has endless courses to advance your knowledge and enhance your career.

Do you love Lynda, too? Contact us, and we’ll post your story.

Information, Technology & Consulting