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"I'm a huge fan." Why Instructional Designer Adam Nemeroff uses BlueJeans Web Conferencing


How often have you used BlueJeans? When did you start using it?

On average I’m using it a couple of times a week. I started using it a couple of months back when I was looking for a dedicated conferencing solution that was a bit simpler than WebEx to use. My primary need was a space where I could easily add collaborators with minimal plugins or other pre-work before our video meetings.

Why did you use the service? What type of conference calls did you make? 

Most often I use Bluejeans for anything for which I would have used Skype or Google Hangouts before. I often meet with one or two other collaborators, and I need a solution that has decent audio, low barrier to entry for my collaborators to join, and easy screensharing features built in. Most of my of my calls involve some combination of these factors.

What have you liked about the service?

I purposely give no background other than the link to use my room ( I usually include it as a part of the event invite. I almost never pre-create meetings as appointments in the BlueJeans scheduler. I love that I have a permanent link that I can send to a colleague at a moment’s notice and then I just click and select the option to enter my meeting. I never give instructions on how to use it or set it up. It works surprisingly well with many browsers with little to no add-ons installed. It’s the easiest thing since Hangouts for video conference calls. I’m a huge fan.

Would you recommend the service to a colleague? If so, why? 

Definitely. The permanent link and no plugins makes it so easy to adopt with most modern browsers. It’s easy enough where almost all my collaborators can use it with no prep work on my end. The audio and video quality is very good and it’s easy to tweak the settings to include external mics, speakers, or webcams, if you need them. It’s really easy to use with almost no barrier to entry. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Anything else?

In addition to the browser, there are dedicated apps for both desktop and mobile. If you use it often, this is an even easier way to start a meeting and store your meeting preferences.

BlueJeans also integrates with a bunch of other popular web services including a chrome add-on, Slack app integration, and others. It’s cool to see a tool that actually meets you where you are without you having to learn it and change your existing behaviors.

BlueJeans is currently available to Dartmouth staff and faculty.

Interested in trying BlueJeans? Set up your account through self service.

Contact Jim Goodrich with any questions.


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