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Securing the eCampus

Privacy in higher-ed. Security awareness for millennials. Emerging malware trends.

These were just a few of the topics covered on July 16 and 17, at Securing the eCampus, a conference hosted by Dartmouth’s Institute for Security, Technology, and Society, (ISTS) and Dartmouth Computing Services. The seventh-annual event brought together chief information officers, chief information security officers, and other security leaders from academic institutions across the northeast. Speakers included experts from universities, industries, and government agencies, such as the National Cyber Security Alliance, EDUCAUSE, and In-Q-Tel.

“The talks give insight into the latest trends and provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss the major issues they're seeing with colleagues facing similar issues,” says Thomas Candon, associate director of ISTS. Candon, along with Karen Page, ISTS program administrator, organized the conference with Computing Services'  IT Security Engineer Adam Goldstein and Chief Information Security Officer Steve Nyman. “It's a great opportunity for networking that has brought back many participants year after year," Candon says.

More than 80 people attended this year’s event.

Goldstein, whose contributions to the year's conference included selecting and lining up speakers and assisting with sponsorship requests, also participated in a panel discussion on Multi-factor Authentication in Higher Education. "As always, the conference was a great opportunity for networking and information-sharing among colleagues from other institutions," he says. "We strive to create an agenda with presentations and sessions that are relevant to folks concerned with information security in academic settings. And, we try and cover a wide range of issues in perspectives. This year we had topics covering everything from privacy issues and risk management to cyber-crime trends and awareness programs for students."

Candon says planning Securing the eCampus begins nine months in advance and involves researching trends in the higher-ed information security arena. He explains that most of that information comes from industry listservs and publications, but adds, “many of the ideas that result in topics are derived from the interests of the participants at the previous year's conference.”

Candon and his fellow organizers like to add a fresh mix of presentations each year, but also think it’s important to “address topics that will always be of interest to this group of professionals.” That means including an update on the policies and laws that are working their way through Washington as well as a presentation on the current student generation, the Millennials. Privacy issues also gain increasing attention.

“I always learn something new,” Candon says.

The eighth-annual Securing the eCampus conference is scheduled for July 15-16, 2014.

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