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Security 101

photo of student studying in Orozco Room

Keep your identity and computer safe and secure to avoid a major disruption during the term.

Here are some tips for keeping your identity secure and your computer safe:

  1. Don’t get Phished! Be careful what you click. It might look like a reasonable link, but give it a second look. Is someone asking for your password? Even for you to just type it? Don’t do it!
  2. Update, Update, Update! The easiest step you can take is keep your computer and cell phone up to date. Do it automatically and let your hardware look out for you. Don’t know how to set up automatic updating? Come see us in the Walk-in-Center (WIC) in 178J Baker/Berry.
  3. Don’t share your identity credentials online, EVER! NO NetIDs, passwords, Social security numbers or account information with anybody. EVER. And seriously consider whether to post your whereabouts on social media.
  4. Back it up! Use OneDrive to create backups of important documents online--a thumb-drive or external hard drive is also a great precaution. Backups—use it and never lose it! 
Information, Technology & Consulting