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Staff Profile: Rick Nadler, Web Support Specialist

Rick Nadler is a Web Support Specialist in Dartmouth Computing's Web Services. Rick has worked at Dartmouth for two years, starting as a B2B (Blitz-2-Blitz email transition project) Consultant. After the B2B project, he briefly worked as an Alumni Support Consultant before taking on his current role.

How did you become interested in technology?

My technology path started with a brief stint as an Electronics Certified TV repair man. As chance would have it, I learned how to program in BASIC on a Tandy TRS80 as a hobby. Once the PC entered the world of small business, I found myself doing freelance computer consulting. Time passed and the path eventually led to starting a web development/hosting company. After selling that company, I first did web-integrated database programing. Then I moved over to systems administration in a hospital. Now that I have returned to training and support, I’ve come to realize that user support is what I enjoy the most.

What did you do before Dartmouth?

Systems Administrator at Mt Ascutney Hospital.

hat is your most memorable moment at Dartmouth?

One of my most memorable experiences at Dartmouth was to be on the campus during the weekend of the 2013 Alumni Class Reunions. Witnessing the fellowship of reunited Dartmouth classmates gave insight to the true meaning of Dartmouth.

Most surprising little-known fact about you?

When I was young, music was my passion. Starting with the piano, I went on to learn to play several instruments and did some singing as well. As for the singing, I was good enough compete and win a spot in the tenor section of the New Jersey All-State chorus. I also once earned a free summer vacation while I toured Germany playing a euphonium in a Brass Band.

Where did you last go on vacation?

Bar Harbor. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and still like to see the Atlantic Ocean from time to time.

What books are you currently reading?

I’m not much for fiction books. I usually find myself reading about science, technology or photography which is one of my long term passions. I've recently read: Thinkertoys by Michael Michalkom, Parrish and Photography by Alma M. Gilbert, Perfect Exposure by Michael Freeman.

Are you using any new apps?

My favorite is the Weather channel app. I also frequently use Skype, Audials Radio, MyPlate and Allthecooks.

Do you have a twitter name and/or blog you’d like to share?

I have a twitter account. So far, I have felt no compulsion to post.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I have a keen sense of balance, which produces a craving to ride two-wheeled vehicles. I frequently ride bicycles off-hours and often ride one to campus locations while at work. When the weather is right, I also ride a scooter to work.



Great to get to know you better, Rick!

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