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    Incoming Students Computer Warranties


    • For students that purchased the recommended computer packages through The Computer Store as part of the offerings to incoming students, the following warranties are included:
      • Macintosh computers come with the option of a one-year or three-year AppleCare warranty, or a four-year Safeware Accidental Damage warranty. The Apple warranty covers manufacture defects only (not accidental damage);

    Incoming Students Computer Ownership Requirement


    As an incoming student, in mid May you'll receive your Dartmouth NetID and password. At that time, go online to The Computer Store to view the packages we're offering and to place an order. When you have made a decision about which computer best suits your needs, place your order online using Dartmouth's Computer Store website.

    Incoming Students Supported Operating Systems


    Dartmouth supports the following operating systems for incoming students:

    • Mac OS X 10.11 and higher
    • Windows 10 and higher

    If you purchase a Windows computer through Dartmouth it will come with Windows 10. If you purchase a MacIntosh computer through Dartmouth it will come with Mac OS X 10.13.

    Incoming Students Printers


    Dartmouth provides print services (known as GreenPrint) to all students. Greenprint printers are located in several locations around campus and are available for student use. Each student is provided with an allocation of approximately 300 pages free black-and-white printing each term. If your quota is exceeded or if you need color printing, the charges will be transferred to your discretionary DA$H account.

    Setting Your Initial Password


    To set an initial password on a new account, users must Claim Your Account.

    Incoming Students Financial Aid for Computer Purchase


    Incoming Students Computer Minimum Hardware Requirements


    The minimum hardware requirements for the class of 2022 are as noted below. We believe that starting with a computer that meets these minimum requirements will enable students to have a useful computer for their four years at Dartmouth.

    Macintosh Computers

    • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB
    • RAM: 8 GB or more
    • Operating System: Macintosh OS X 10.12 or higher

    Windows Computers

    Incoming Students Computer Recommendations


    Dartmouth offers a number of laptop computer packages to incoming students — both Windows and Macintosh. To keep up to date on the most current information about packages we recommend, we suggest you monitor The Computer Store's Class of 2022 website. Updated information will be posted there as it becomes available over the summer.

    Incoming Students Tablets Satisfy Requirement


    Incoming Students receive their computer


    When you purchase your computer, you can elect to have your computer sent to your house, pick it up while you’re on campus during the summer, or pick it up after you move into your residence hall room before New Student Orientation.

    Sent to Your Home Early


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