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    Instructional Designers


    Instructional design is the systematic development of educational materials, workshops, tutorials, training, and curriculum using behavioral and cognitive theory of learning to ensure quality instruction and increase student success.

    Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Instructional Designers:

    Canvas Service Overview



    Canvas is a web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration. All Dartmouth classes are automatically provisioned with a Canvas site. Canvas integrates with many other teaching and learning tools used at Dartmouth. New features, enhancements and bug fixes are applied to Canvas every three weeks.

    Canvas is developed and hosted by Instructure.

    Quick Access

    All Canvas users log into Canvas with their Dartmouth NetID and password.

    Instructional Design Service Overview



    The Instructional Design team works with faculty and instructors to help them effectively achieve their teaching and learning goals. This will often include the use of digital technologies.

    Available to

    Dartmouth faculty and instructors

    Benefits and Features

    Instructional Design consults can include these topics:

    Course Media Projects


    Media projects, such as short movie projects, image slide shows or poster projects, can offer an engaging alternative to traditional text-based assignments (papers). It often assists students to be be more involved in the learning process. In some cases students with different learning styles grasp concepts more clearly through audiovisual media than through reading text alone. Another strength of media projects is that they lend themselves to sharing, and generate high levels of peer interest.

    Zoom Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Zoom?

    WordPress Service Overview



    WordPress is a web content management system (CMS) that allows current Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff to create websites for administrative, academic, and curricular use.

    There are two WordPress platforms available for use, depending on the subject matter of the intended site.

    Sites at Dartmouth

    The Sites at Dartmouth platform is for administrative use, not for personal sites.

    Sites at Dartmouth is made available on a self-service basis and is not considered a mission-critical system.

    Course Design and One-on-One Consulting


    We offer consultation on web-enhanced and/or technology rich course design and re-development. Each consultation is customized to meet the unique goals of each course and to match an instructors teaching philosophy and style. Instructors are welcome to come to us during various stages of preparation and can receive consultation on a wide range of course design components and issues.

    Some areas of consultation offered are:

    Google Applications Online Training


    Google offers a few different ways for learning about the applications in their G Suite set of tools:

    G Suite Learning Center - The G Suite Learning Center is where you can start if you are new to Google. This site provides answers to common questions, and also provides 7 easy steps to get you started.  

    Online IT Courses


    If you want to learn more about technology on your own time and at your own pace, consider the many online courses tutorials provided across Dartmouth. You can learn everything from how to author web pages to making spreadsheets in Excel.

    Online Training with


    Lynda is a premier online learning system that provides effective online training for numerous topics at a variety of levels. The online tutorial service offers thousands of instructional videos. Hundreds of different instructors teach courses at all different levels. The tutorials are concise, easy to follow, and best of all, they're FREE for Dartmouth staff, students & faculty. Expand your knowledge and check it out. Log into with your NetID and password.


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