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    LDAP Directory Migration


    On April 4, 2017 @ 6:00AM, the Redhat directory servers (a.k.a. DND LDAP,, are going out-of-maintenance and will be decommissioned. Before they are decommissioned, all applications/services should be updated to use the new directory servers (Oracle Unified Directory) or Active Directory as appropriate.

    The new directory servers have been configured to be as similar to the old directory servers as possible/appropriate to reduce the impact as applications are migrated.

    Banner 9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Dartmouth began the first step in moving our student system from Banner 8 to Banner 9 on January 29, 2018. The first part of that process was to move what is known as "Banner Forms" into the new system; "BannerStudent" remains the same until later in 2018.

    OnBase Unity Client V17 Upgrade


    On Friday, March 16th at 3:00 p.m. OnBase will be taken off-line to be upgraded from its current version 15 to the latest version 17.  From this time until Monday morning, March 19th at 8:00 a.m. the OnBase Unity Client and all eForms utilizing the OnBase system such as Finance and Records Management Center eForms will not be available.

    Nolij Transfer


    Nolij Transfer is a web-based data matching, review, and upload solution for pushing all types of electronic (e.g., CollegeNet, ApplyYourself, CommonApp, SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, LSAT, etc.) or paper-based (e.g., recruit cards, applications, etc.) information into a database. This product allows for the automated data entry of information extracted from hand-printed paper forms (e.g., recruit card), web forms, text files, and virtually any other input format. With Nolij Transfer, you can:

    Onbase Unity Client V17 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

    OIM - Oracle Identity Manager


    Maintaining Address Books on Konica Minoltas


    Address books on Konica Minolta machines can only be maintained by departmental administrators who have been granted this right. Please work with your department's IT support office if you require this.

    Accessing CS Gold via RDS


    CSGold is accessed via Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. 

    Users are required to be in the "RDS-CSGold Users" AD security group. 

    To add a new member to RDS-CSGold Users, create a Service Now request and assign it to PAG (Packages Applications Group).  PAG will work with Card Services to approve requests to add new members.

    See the attached document for information.

    Bookmark the Kronos URL

    Saving the Kronos link as a web shortcut in Internet Explorer and FireFox, requires making changes to the link properties as described below.

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