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    T2 Flex: Install Software on the Casio IT-9000 Handheld

    Applies To

    T2 Flex v. 7.7.611 and higher


    When installing T2 Systems software for the first time on the Casio IT-9000, you will use Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) or an SD storage card.

    Download the needed installers from the T2 customer Website to a Windows computer:

    List of All Systems (A-Z)


    Information about accessing, using, and getting help with a specific College-wide system can be found below (authentication required). If the system in which you are interested is not listed, please contact [email protected] or your school's IT support group for assistance.

    IRA - Institutional Analysis and Reporting System


    IRA is Dartmouth's data warehouse system. It provides the ability to run, modify and create reports to meet a variety of Institutional reporting and analysis needs.

    Viewing PDFs with OnBase


    Adobe Reader DC is not compatible with the version of OnBase in use at Dartmouth. If you are having problems viewing PDFs with OnBase, uninstall Adobe Reader DC and install the standard Adobe Reader version. Go to to download the standard version.

    Document Management OnBase Service Overview



    OnBase is a single enterprise information platform in use to manage content and processes for Dartmouth's Digital Records.

    Available to

    Faculty, Staff and Students who have authorized access.

    Benefits and Features

    OnBase enables records custodians and their consumers to improve productivity by capturing, storing, handling and controlling access to College documents and processes from a central and secure location.

    Major/Minor Lists in Banner Self-Service


    This procedure explains how to view both major and minor lists, as well as class rosters within Banner Self-Service. You may have to disable your pop-up blocker to view this list.

    System Maintenance Windows


    Information Technology Services has established regular maintenance windows for each group within the department that deals with production systems. This is to allow everyone who will be affected by these outages to be able to make more long term plans. These outages will still be reported through the Change Management process.

    Troubleshooting OnBase Unity Connection


    The OnBase Unity client requires a VPN connection while the web interface does not. You must log into VPN before launching the desktop Unity Client. If you do not have an active VPN connection, the Unity Client will keep trying to connect and the login screen will simply hang with no progress bar or visible activity.

    If this occurs, go into Task Manager (by pressing ctl+alt+del keys) and stop the Login process. The Unity client will then error out. You can then start a VPN connection and start up the Unity client successfully.

    Maintaining Address Books on Konica Minoltas


    Address books on Konica Minolta machines can only be maintained by departmental administrators who have been granted this right. Please work with your department's IT support office if you require this.

    SPUD - Sponsored Projects Upload Device


    The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) at Dartmouth College uses the Oracle Grants Accounting financial system to manage grants from various agencies and organizations with many researchers. The Sponsored Projects Upload Tool (SPUD) is used for uploading journal entries for grant or combined grant and non-grant-related funding. SPUD uploads the financial transaction to the Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA) system and General Ledger (GL).


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