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    Installing GreenPrint for Macintosh


    1. Download the GreenPrint-KM.dmg installer.
    2. Navigate to where the file was downloaded on your computer and double-click GreenPrint-KM.dmg.
    3. Open the GreenPrint-KM disk on the desktop.
    4. Double-click the Popup.pkg file to view the Install Pharos Popup Client installer
    5. The installer's welcome message appears. Click the Continue button twice.

    How to Use a GreenPrint Printer


    1. Touch the card reader screen and swipe your Dartmouth ID card
    2. Locate your job in the list and select it.
    3. The information button to the right of the job(s) show the cost of the print, your account total and the date/time you sent the job to Greenprint-KM.
    4. If you would like to remove the job from your queue, click Delete.
    5. If you would like to print the job, click Print. Your job will print on the Release Station printer that is connecting to this display.

    Greenprint Locations


    Greenprint printers are located in the following areas:

    Sending a Document to GreenPrint


    Note: If the computer you are using to print to GreenPrint is not connected to the Dartmouth network (e.g. via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly on the Eduroam or Dartmouth Secure wireless networks) then you need to start a VPN connection prior to printing to GreenPrint. See VPN Service Overview for additional information.

    GreenPrint Printing Allotment


    GreenPrint is Dartmouth's public printing system.

    Printing allotments:

    Greenprint Refund Policy


    • Refunds will be granted when the printer malfunctions (toner failure or broken parts).
    • Refunds will not be granted for user error or interference with release station operation (incorrectly formatted documents, tampering with buttons on the CPU or printer).
    • Request a refund by filling out this form.
    • All requests will be investigated and responded to within 1 business week.

    Find Your GreenPrint Account Balance


    To see the balance on your Greenprint account, log into a Greenprint printer (release station locations). Three balances will be displayed on the screen of the Release Station after you logon:

    Supported Printers


    Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) consulting staff are prepared to assist any Dartmouth student, faculty, or staff member with any of the printers listed below.

    • Epson and HP inkjet printers
    • Xerox and HP laser printers
    • Dell laser printers

    Konica Minolta multi-function copiers are supported directly through Konica Minolta. You can reach them via telephone at 800-456-5664 or online at

    Supported File Types for GreenPrint Mobile


    GreenPrint Mobile is capable of printing the following formatted documents (Windows or Mac):

    Registering Email for GreenPrint Mobile


    1. Attach the document(s) you wish to print to an email in the email account you wish to register.
    2. Send that email to [email protected].
    3. Wait to receive the Email Address Registration email from GreenPrint Mobile.
    4. Click the link provided in the email.
    5. Enter your Dartmouth NetID (or GreenPrint Guest Card User Name) and password, and click Submit.


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