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    Konica Minolta Windows Setup


    Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information:

    Network Printer Web Interface No Longer Accessible


    If the printer is functioning fine otherwise, but you cannot access the web interface for the printer or copier, follow the steps below:

    1. Completely power down the copier.
    2. Unplug the power cord from the wall as well as the Ethernet cable.
    3. Wait for a minute.
    4. Plug everything back in and start up the copier or printer again.

    Konica Minolta Mac Setup


    Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information, click the Apple menu, then About this Mac

    Setting up a new printer is a three-step process: download the driver, install it, then configure the printer.

    Download the Driver

    Go to

    AirPrint and Wireless Printing from Mobile Devices


    For security reasons, AirPrint and direct printing via wireless from a mobile device to a networked printer on campus is not supported.

    However, in support of the GreenPrint system on campus, GreenPrint Mobile is a service that allows printing from mobile devices via email. Click here for more information on GreenPrint Mobile.


    Configure Sound Settings on Konica Minolta


    By default, the Sound Setting panel doesn't appear on the menu of the Konica Minolta device. The first step to changing the settings is to make it appear there, then you can make changes to the settings.

    Adding Sounds Setting Panel to the Menu

    Only someone with the administrator password can add the Sound Setting panel to the menu. If you do not have this, contact your department's IT support office.

    Change Date/Time on Konica Minolta


    Only administrators can change the system date and/or time on a Konica Minolta. If you do not have the administrator password, contact your department's IT support office.

    To change the date and or time, from the Konica Minolta device, follow the steps below:

    1. Touch Menu.
    2. Touch Utility.
    3. Touch Administrator Settings.
    4. Login with the administrator password.
    5. Touch System Settings.
    6. Touch Date/Time Settings.

    Change Duplex/Simplex Printing Defaults on a Mac


    You can change the default via CUPS, which is the core printing system of Mac OS X. To do this:

    Auto Detect Paper Size on Konica Minolta


    If you are trying to copy or scan a document that is not a standard paper size, place the document on the glass in the upper left corner of the window. The Konica Minolta will automatically detect the paper size, even if it is a custom size like a receipt or business card, and scan or copy the document.

    If you just place the document in the middle of the glass, the Konica Minolta will not be able to detect a paper size and will prompt you for it.

    Configure Konica Minolta for Multi-Page Scans


    If you are scanning a large number of pages and wish to automatically eliminated any blank pages from the pages being scanned, you can set your Konica Minolta to do this. 

    1. When standing in front of the Konica Minolta, press the Fax/Scan button. 
    2. Touch Application.
    3. Touch No original settings.
    4. Touch Blank page removal.
    5. Touch Ok



    Konica Minolta Supplies


    To order additional toner, staples, waste toner cartridge, etc. for your Konica Minolta device:


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