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    WordPress Service Overview



    WordPress is a web content management system (CMS) that allows current Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff to create websites for administrative, academic, and curricular use.

    There are two WordPress platforms available for use, depending on the subject matter of the intended site.

    Sites at Dartmouth

    The Sites at Dartmouth platform is for administrative use, not for personal sites.

    Sites at Dartmouth is made available on a self-service basis and is not considered a mission-critical system.

    Web Statistics


    Web site statistics are provided for departments who use the College-supported web content management systems (OmniUpdate or Drupal). Records for exist back to January 2005. If you are a client and would like to have statistics for your site available on a regular basis, email Web Services.

    Understanding Web Statistics

    Do "hits" really matter? What can you trust in your site's statistics?

    Top Navigation in Drupal


    The black and gray bars at the top of your screen are the starting points for everything you do in Drupal.

    The home icon

    The home icon brings you to your site’s homepage.


    Content will bring you to the list of all pages, profiles, menu features and other items on your site, both published and unpublished. This is also where you’ll find and manage your files in case you need to rename, replace or delete an image or PDF.

    Publications Admin for Drupal


    Four faculty publications can appear at a time on your site’s homepage. They might be journal articles, books, anthology contributions, etc., and should appear in descending chronological order.

    • Enter the title, then the publication.
    • Include volume, issue, date, pages, publisher – whatever information is appropriate.
    • Select up to three authors; if there are more, select the “et al.” box at the end.
    • Select Save Configuration at the bottom.


    Basic Page Title in Drupal


    A basic page's title should be short, no more than a few words. Remember that it will need to fit in the left-hand-side list of sub-pages that appear below its parent menu item, and wordy page titles can get awkward.

    Keep in mind that a large section of our audience is made up of prospective students and parents who aren't familiar with our acronyms or insider terms, so try to be descriptive yet efficient with your titles.


    Find Content in Drupal


    Find Content

    The Find Content link allows you to view all of the published or unpublished content, files or webforms on your site. Make sure that you are logged into your site and click Find content in the upper left-hand side of the gray menu bar.

    The two fastest ways to categorize and analyze content are filtering and sorting.

    Frequently Asked Questions about OmniUpdate Support and Accounts


    I need some help with OmniUpdate. When are your weekly office hours?

    Find our weekly office hours times and locations here.

    What kinds of OmniUpdate support do you provide?

    OmniUpdate provides information on their website; see OmniUpdate Support & Documentation.

    Getting Access to OmniUpdate


    OmniUpdate (OU) is a web-based content management system, licensed by Dartmouth College, that is used to maintain some administrative departmental web sites.

    Department's requesting new website are now being added to the Drupal interface rather than to OmniUpdate (OU).



    EndNote is a commercial reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. It is produced by Clarivate Analytics. Dartmouth does not have a campus license for EndNote. However, the Library recommends a free application named Zotero instead. See for information on Zotero.

    Shorten URLs


    If you have a long URL that you want to create a short cut to follow the steps below:


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