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    Gaining access to eProcurement


    eProcurement (Oracle Financials) is the online purchasing system from which faculty and staff can purchase goods via electronic catalogs.

    To gain access to the eProcurement system, you will need to submit an access request, sign a confidentiality agreement and attend required training. The Financial Systems Access & Tools website contains detailed instructions on these procedures.

    Canvas Guest Accounts


    In those instances where a faculty member would like to invite or approve someone outside of the Dartmouth community to participate in their class, and needs that person to have access to their class website, they will need to request a "Guest Account".

    Examples of whom these types of people are include:

    How do I Reset my TMS (The Museum System) Password?


    The Museum System (TMS) is a collections management software system designed for use by art museums, galleries, etc., to archive and track art collections. TMS uses an Oracle Database on the back-end of the application and requires a VPN connection to gain access.

    The password should be the same as your Dartmouth NetID password. If they are not the same, there is something out of sync with Oracle Database and name directory. To remedy this reset your Dartmouth password. This will sync with TMS to make the passwords the same.

    Authorized Approvers for Sponsored or Departmental Accounts


    All sponsored or departmental account requests must be submitted on the current form (May 2014). Old versions of the form will be returned.

    Senior Officers Who can Sign a Sponsored or Departmental Account Form

    Area: Dean of the Faculty

    Departments: Arts & Sciences

    Senior Officer: Elizabeth F. Smith

    Authorized Approvers for Organization Accounts


    Overseeing Area

    Authorized Approvers

    Alumni Relations

    Judith Doherty
    Martha Beattie
    Victoria Gonin


    Heather Somers (Club Sports)
    Joann Brislin

    COSO: Student Life, Collis, Student Activities

    Ex-Employee Accounts


    Effective January 31, 2017, when people leave the employ of Dartmouth they will continue to have access to the Employee Self Service portal (, and the Dartmouth Directory Manager ( for a period of 18 months after their employment end date. They will not have access to anything else that requires a Dartmouth account - including their mailbox, and other systems. They will not appear in the Directory Listing. 



    Information, Technology & Consulting licenses online access to Gartner, an information technology company that provides research and advice to guide decision making.

    Our Gartner license is restricted to members of the Dartmouth community. By logging into the Gartner site, you will have full access to their products and the opportunity to personalize your Gartner experience.

    By clicking the link to access their site, you agree to:

    Training for Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR)


    Dartmouth Online Review & Recruit (DORR) training and assistance is provided by the Office of Human Resources. Please contact your department/division fiscal officer to request DORR training.

    Access Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR)


    The Dartmouth Online Review & Recruit system (DORR), is a web-based, hosted system that supports the College's employment recruiting activities. It is used by prospective employees to identify and apply for open positions online, and by Dartmouth departments to manage the recruitment process.

    What is a NetID?


    A Dartmouth NetID is a permanent, personal identifier that is uniquely assigned to every individual. It is used to log in to most Dartmouth systems. NetIDs have no correlation to real or legal names, thus eliminating the necessity to change them due to a life-changing event. You will only ever be issued one and it does not change if or when your affiliation with the College changes.


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