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    Instructional Designers


    Instructional design is the systematic development of educational materials, workshops, tutorials, training, and curriculum using behavioral and cognitive theory of learning to ensure quality instruction and increase student success.

    Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Instructional Designers:

    Faculty Search Tool for Search Committees


    Interfolio is an online Faculty Search tool offered by the Dean of Faculty office.

    It offers online dossiers, credentials, and letters-of-recommendation. Its application allows search committees to collect applications tailored to the needs of their positions, review applications on their own timeline, and customize evaluation criteria to suit their needs. In addition, faculty candidates experience a simplified application process, and departmental staff can avoid the need to copy and file paper materials.

    Help with Interfolio:

    Course Design and One-on-One Consulting


    We offer consultation on web-enhanced and/or technology rich course design and re-development. Each consultation is customized to meet the unique goals of each course and to match an instructors teaching philosophy and style. Instructors are welcome to come to us during various stages of preparation and can receive consultation on a wide range of course design components and issues.

    Some areas of consultation offered are:

    Instructional Design Service Overview



    The Instructional Design team works with faculty and instructors to help them effectively achieve their teaching and learning goals. This will often include the use of digital technologies.

    Available to

    Dartmouth faculty and instructors

    Benefits and Features

    Instructional Design consults can include these topics:

    Statistics Resources for Students


    Help with Installing Stata

    Help with Obtaining Data

    Basic Stata Use


    How do I set my working directory?

    Your working directory is the directory or folder in which Stata looks when you give it a disk access command.

    • To see what your current working directory is, type "pwd"
    • To see the files and folders in your working directory, type "ls"
    • To move up one level in your directory tree, type "cd .."

    For instance, if you are in /Home/Users/johndoe/Stata and you type "cd .." then you will be in /Home/Users/johndoe.

    Centrally Booked Classroom Locations and Equipment


    BuildingRoomNo of Display(s)Display TypeVideo SourcesComputerDocument DisplayAdd'l Features

    Baker Library


    1 Projector Blu-Ray/DVD Mac Document camera Wireless collaboration

    Baker Library


    Centrally booked classrooms


    Central booked classrooms are designed for self-service use of computer, video, and document display. Faculty may also record their voice and the computer desktop in any central booked classroom using TechSmith Relay or Echo360 (available in select locations).

    Classroom Support Service Overview



    Classroom Technology Services provides specialized in-room support, consultation and training services to assist the Dartmouth community with the technical and logistical aspects of technology use in classrooms, meeting rooms and collaborative settings across campus.

    Available to

    Faculty, staff, and students in the Arts and Sciences

    Screen and Class Capture Service Overview



    Classroom capture generally refers to lecture recording: a live class is being recorded, capturing the instructor’s computer display, the instructor and the front of the physical classroom, or both. TechSmith Relay (formerly Camtasia Relay) and Echo360 are commonly used for this.


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