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    Incoming Students Purchasing Software


    During your time at Dartmouth you can purchase software titles, or many other types of technology, through the Computer Store, often at academic pricing.

    Download Apple Quicktime Player


    Configure Dartmouth Secure for Mac OS X


    In order to configure your computer for the Dartmouth Secure wireless network you need the following:

    Installing GreenPrint for Macintosh


    1. Download the GreenPrint-KM.dmg installer.
    2. Navigate to where the file was downloaded on your computer and double-click GreenPrint-KM.dmg.
    3. Open the GreenPrint-KM disk on the desktop.
    4. Double-click the Popup.pkg file to view the Install Pharos Popup Client installer
    5. The installer's welcome message appears. Click the Continue button twice.

    Incoming Students Computer Training


    During the spring and summer, you will receive your Dartmouth account, and information that describes New Student Orientation events and general information about technology at Dartmouth. Online information will also describe how to use our technology resources.

    Incoming Students Printers


    Dartmouth provides print services (known as GreenPrint) to all students. Greenprint printers are located in several locations around campus and are available for student use. Each student is provided with an allocation of approximately 300 pages free black-and-white printing each term. If your quota is exceeded or if you need color printing, the charges will be transferred to your discretionary DA$H account.

    Incoming Students Financial Aid for Computer Purchase


    Incoming Students Supported Operating Systems


    Dartmouth supports the following operating systems for incoming students:

    • Mac OS X 10.11 and higher
    • Windows 10 and higher

    If you purchase a Windows computer through Dartmouth it will come with Windows 10. If you purchase a MacIntosh computer through Dartmouth it will come with Mac OS X 10.13.

    Incoming Students Computer Prices


    Incoming Students Tablets Satisfy Requirement



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