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    DartFS is a network-based storage service for documents and files. Each member of Dartmouth's research community can request a 50GB DartFS private home directory space (named as your Dartmouth NetID). In addition, Dartmouth Faculty members may request a 1TB shared lab space (named using the last name and first initial of the PI, e.g. Prof. Charles Xavier would get a lab share named “XavierC”).

    Access DartFS from Windows


    Accessing Your DartFS Private Home Directory Space (named as your Dartmouth NetID)

    1. Click the Start or Windows menu icon (bottom left corner of the desktop).
    2. In the search text field, type Run. In Windows 10, just start typing run if the search field is missing.
    3. Select and click the Run application found towards the top of the menu.

    Stata for Macintosh OS X


    This application is KeyServed and requires KeyAccess be installed on your computer, as well as a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run Stata. If not on campus, you will need to establish a VPN connection.

    Statistical Software Support


    Statistical computing covers the use of statistics and supported statistical packages on all of Information, Technology & Consulting's public systems, including UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows platforms.

    Supported packages include Stata, SPSS, SAS and R. Support not only includes accessing and installing these packages, but also includes assistance with the program basics, writing code, and choosing appropriate analyses. In addition, we can help you with transferring data between applications or platforms.

    Research Computing Course Descriptions


    Install ArcGIS Desktop on Windows


    Notes: ArcGIS Desktop runs only on Windows machines. In the steps below, the file version number may change as new software is released.

    Technology for Research


    Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) provides tools for researchers to do their work, courses on how to use those tools, and consulting on technologies that are available.

    Stata Potential Issues


    Why don't my graphs show up properly in Microsoft Word documents on a Mac?

    Graphs pasted from Stata into Microsoft Word for Windows do not show up properly when the Word document is opened on a Macintosh. To work around this problem, save the graph from Stata as a .tif file. Then insert that file into your Word document using Insert->Picture->From File. The graph will then appear correctly whether the Word document is opened on a Mac or a Windows machine.

    Reading and Converting Data to Stata


    How do I read data from an Excel spreadsheet into Stata?

    Stata Commands


    General Commands

    • clear - clears data out of memory.
    • search - searches Stata help for matching strings. This allows you to find help on command statements and return codes which appear alongside of error messages. If you make a mistake with a Stata command, it may return an error message along with a return code {for example, r(199)}. The search command can be used to get a more detailed description of the return code.
    • generate - computes a new variable based on an expression.


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