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    Subscribing to a Campus Listserv


    There are numerous listserv mailing lists that can be subscribed to at Dartmouth. You will need to know what list you wish to subscribe to in order to submit your subscription request. You may need to ask a peer or the list owner in order to make an appropriate subscription request.

    You may use the web interface or email commands.

    Sync'ing Data from OneDrive/Groups/SharePoint


    When to Sync

    • When you have enough hard drive space to handle the amount of data being sync’d.
    • When you are going to be offline (no internet access) and still need access to your OneDrive data.
    • When you want quicker access to your OneDrive files. Accessing locally sync’d OneDrive files is quicker than accessing them directly online.

    When Not to Sync

    • You do NOT want to sync data on a computer that is not yours. Like a public computer or your friends computer.

    CyberArk - Access from OS X without a VM


    To access the CyberArk Privileged Session Manager (PSM) from OS X without using a Virtual Machine with Windows, you will need Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, version 8.0.43, which requires OS X 10.9 or later. You can download it from Apple's App Store. Microsoft Remote Desktop, version 10.0.1, will not connect to our PSM.

    To connect:

    Setting Up Your Voice Mail


    Change the Recording of Your Name

    1. Log on to Cisco Unity Voice Mail (6-1000 on-campus or off-campus: 603-646-1000).
    2. Press 4 then 3 then 2.
    3. At the tone, record your name, or press * to keep the current recording.

    Change Your Recorded Greeting

    Managing Your Voice Mail Messages


    Checking Messages

    1. Log on to Unity Voice Mail by pressing the Messages button on your phone or calling 603-646-1000; then pressing * to log on.
    2. Either press 1 to hear new messages or press 3 to hear old messages. Then, press 1 to hear saved messages.

    Replying to Messages

    Video Consulting


    For advice on the following items, send email to [email protected].

    Leaving Dartmouth - Canvas


    Canvas allows you to download a zip file of all your assignment submissions in all of your present and past courses, packaged into a single zip file. In Canvas, go to your profile settings, and then click Download Submissions to generate the zip file.

    Reply to an email


    To reply only to the sender of the email message you are viewing, click Reply in the Icon Menu bar. The entire message will automatically be copied into a Reply window. Enter the message you want to send, then click Send.

    If the message was sent to a group of people and you want to reply to all of them, click Reply to All in the Icon Menu bar. The entire message will automatically be copied into a Reply window. Enter the message you want to send, then click Send.

    Managing voicemail


    While listening to a message, you can change the speed of playback, etc. by using the following keys:
    1: Restart message
    2: Save
    3: Delete
    4: Slow playback
    6: Fast playback
    7: Rewind message
    8: Pause/resume
    9: Fast-forward
    #: Fast-forward to end
    ##: Save as is

    Set Permissions for a Shared Mailbox Calendar


    To refine who can schedule the Shared Mailbox's calendar directly:


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