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    Why is My Mailbox Getting So Slow?


    Dartmouth's mail system supports up to 20,000 messages in a single folder. If you have more than that in one folder, the system will not perform as well for you. We recommend you archive messages from that folder or create another folder and move some of the messages to the new folder.

    What is Office 365?


    Office 365 is the name of the Microsoft suite of online productivity tools. Comprised of email, calendar, contacts, communication, and collaboration tools, these accounts and the data in them reside on Microsoft servers around the country - referred to as "the cloud". Dartmouth's instance of Office 365 is commonly referred to as Dartmouth "Blitz".

    What is an Outlook Contact?


    A "contact" is a person with whom you communicate on a business or personal level, and whose personal or business information (or both) is stored in your Contacts folder. Often you have contacts you email who are outside of Dartmouth. They will not be located in the Global Address List of Exchange, nor in other Dartmouth Directories. The best way to keep track of these addresses is to create a contact record for them in your account.

    Managing Group Mailing Lists


    1. Using a web browser, log in to a Dartmouth email account via the web interface.
    2. In the upper right corner of the window click the gear icon and then under the Your App Settings section, select Mail. This will take you to the Options window.
    3. In the Options window, on the left click General, then under the General section click Distribution Groups.

    Setting up Android devices


    Android devices can be set up to send and receive mail with the Blitz email system. Although setting up these devices starts in the same way, the order of steps, terminology can vary from device to device. These instructions are not a full step by step guide.

    Managing a Listserv mailing list


    A ListServ mailing list can be managed with a web based interface or by sending commands to the list via email.

    The web based interface can be found at:

    What is a Listserv?


    Listserv provides members of the Dartmouth community with a high-performance mailing list management system. Listserv at Dartmouth runs on a dedicated host computer, "". Dartmouth College licenses the Listserv software from L-Soft Corporation.

    Every Listserv list, hosted at Dartmouth, must have an owner with a valid Dartmouth account. Listserv is a mechanism for managing a list when any or all of the following characteristics are necessary:

    Setting Your Initial Password


    To set an initial password on a new account, users must Claim Your Account.

    Password Rules and Recommendations


    REMEMBER! If your browser saves your history and passwords, clear your cache and update/clear saved passwords in your browser's preferences/history windows.


    Your Dartmouth password must conform to certain rules in order to be accepted as a valid password. If your current password does not conform to these rules, you should change your password to one that does.

    Unsubscribe from a Campus Listserv List


    You may use the web interface or email commands.

    To unsubscribe using the web interface:


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