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    Obtaining a Dartmouth account


    Members of the Dartmouth community must have an account to access many of the available technology resources.

    For faculty, students and staff, as soon as you become affiliated with Dartmouth, an account is automatically created for you in our identity management system (name directory). When your account is created, your NetID is automatically emailed to your personal email address. Your Dartmouth account allows you access to many resources, such as email, Library resources, and site-licensed software.

    Procedure for Lost or Stolen Computers


    If a Dartmouth-owned computer or smart phone has been lost or stolen, the department that owns the machine should notify:

    Public Computers Locations and Policies


    Public computers are clusters of personal computers and workstations in open-access work spaces that are connected to the computer network. These computers are available in several locations around campus. They are in high demand, so please be courteous of other users.


    Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) maintains public computers in the following locations:

    Sponsored Accounts


    Retention Policies


    Email Retention

    Messages deleted from an email account are retrievable for up to 30 days after the Deleted Items folder (trash) has been emptied. Users can do this themselves using the Outlook for Windows or Macintosh clients, or the web interface. After 30 days, these messages cannot be retrieved.

    Software and Support Policies


    Members of the Dartmouth community are expected to abide by College policies in their use of computing and information technology resources.

    Below is a list of rules and guidelines for acceptable use administered by Dartmouth Information, Technology & Consulting, as well as other College departments.

    Support Policies for Administrative Departments


    Administrative departments within the College can access immediate assistance in any of the following ways:

    Support Policies for Academic Departments


    Academic departments within the Arts and Sciences division can access immediate assistance in any of the following ways:

    Terminating Accounts


    A Dartmouth student, faculty or staff member’s behavior or actions leads a dean, department head, VP or supervisor to consider cutting off access to Dartmouth accounts.


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