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    How do I Reset my TMS (The Museum System) Password?


    The Museum System (TMS) is a collections management software system designed for use by art museums, galleries, etc., to archive and track art collections. TMS uses an Oracle Database on the back-end of the application and requires a VPN connection to gain access.

    The password should be the same as your Dartmouth NetID password. If they are not the same, there is something out of sync with Oracle Database and name directory. To remedy this reset your Dartmouth password. This will sync with TMS to make the passwords the same.

    Setting an Out of Office Message


    Going to be away from your email? Want to send a message to everyone who emails you? Set an "out of office" message on your account. Some people also refer to this as a "vacation" message.

    Using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 for Windows

    In Outlook for Windows, an away message is set with Automatic Replies (Out of Office).

    Search the Global Address List


    When searching the Global Address Listing (GAL) database in Outlook, you may need to search for someone using more than just a last name. For example, searching by first name or an alias might be more helpful. Here is how to set this up:

    Using Outlook for Windows:

    Create a Task from an Email


    1. In BWA, hover over the message while displaying your list of messages then click the flag found immediately before the subject. In Outlook (Mac and Windows), hover over the message, then click the flag found at the right of the email. If there is a time-frame for the follow up simply right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the flag and select the duration of time needed. 
    2. In Apple Mail, control-click the message and choose Mark as Flagged.

    Conversation View


    "Conversation view" groups all emails of the same topic together in your mailbox, rather than showing them as completely separate messages. By default, Outlook Web Access (BWA) displays email in Conversation View.

    To open a message in Conversation view, click the entry in your mailbox. This will cause all of the messages related to the conversation to be shown in a list below the first message you clicked.

    To turn off Conversation view in BWA:

    Create a Business Card Signature in Outlook for Windows

    Step by Step

    Creating an Electronic Business Card

    1. Open the Contact tool by clicking the Contacts icon (two heads) found at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar in Outlook.
    2. Click New Contact.
    3. Complete the contact information for yourself, but do not click Save & Close.

    Safe File Sharing


    If you need to have access to the files on your computer when you are away from it, or you want to give someone access to some of the files on your computer, this can be done with file sharing. However, unless it is done correctly, it can leave your data vulnerable to access by unintended persons. 

    Find Hinman Box Number



    Dartmouth Directory Lookup

    1. Go to
    2. Type the person's name in the search box and click Search.

    Outlook Web Access (

    Restore File from OneDrive


    Recover a Previous Version

    If you overwrote a file and you want to get back to the previous version:

    Restore File Deleted from O365 Group's File Storage


    1. Log into using your NetID and password.
    2. In the left hand navigation column, click the group for which you want to recover a file(s). (If "Groups" doesn't appear, click Folders at the top of the left hand navigation column first.
    3. Click Files to move to the location where the files for this group is stored.
    4. On the right side, click the link Browse Library.


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