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    Authorized Approvers for Organization Accounts


    Overseeing Area

    Authorized Approvers

    Alumni Relations

    Judith Doherty
    Martha Beattie
    Victoria Gonin


    Heather Somers (Club Sports)
    Joann Brislin

    COSO: Student Life, Collis, Student Activities

    Anna Hall
    Diane Nadeau
    Catherine Follensbee
    Gregory Potter

    Obtaining Email Header


    When reporting spam or phishing attempts, we need the internet header of the message. The easiest way to submit this information to ITC is by forwarding the message as an enclosure.

    From BWA (aka Office 365 Outlook):

    Accessing Your Voice Mail


    To setup voice mail initially, the PIN is 12345. Then follow voice prompts to:

    • Change password.
    • Change the recorded name
    • Record a greeting

    To pick up your voice mail messages from your own on campus phone:

    • Press the messages key on your phone, then enter your password as prompted.

    To pick up your voice mail messages from a campus phone other than yours:

    Google Applications Online Training


    Google offers a few different ways for learning about the applications in their G Suite set of tools:

    G Suite Learning Center - The G Suite Learning Center is where you can start if you are new to Google. This site provides answers to common questions, and also provides 7 easy steps to get you started.  

    Google Frequently Asked Questions


    How to I obtain access to Dartmouth's Google tools?

    Go to and log in with your Dartmouth NetID and password. 

    What Google applications are being made available to members of the Dartmouth community?

    All Google applications are being made available with the exception of Email which will be coming later. Google calendar will be available but there is no calendar sharing with Dartmouth's Office 365.

    Fix Conflicting Google Accounts


    Note: We strongly recommend the Chrome browser for this process.

    Telephones for On Campus Housing


    Students who are living in on campus housing can get a telephone for their room by following the steps below:

    1. Send an email to [email protected]
    2. Include the dorm/house name, room number and the number of the wall jack that you're going to plug the phone into.

    Someone from ITC will email you with information about where to pick up your phone within 5 business days. The phones include a six foot Ethernet cable.

    Telephone Service Overview



    Dartmouth faculty, staff and students are provided with a phone line for placing local and domestic long distance calls free of charge.

    Voicemail is also available for each line. Conference calls are also supported.

    International calling is billed to department accounts for faculty and staff.

    Telephones are available for purchase at the Computer Store.

    Students who need access to international calling can purchase a calling card at the Computer Store located in the basement of McNutt.

    Training for Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR)


    Dartmouth Online Review & Recruit (DORR) training and assistance is provided by the Office of Human Resources. Please contact your department/division fiscal officer to request DORR training.

    Access Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR)


    The Dartmouth Online Review & Recruit system (DORR), is a web-based, hosted system that supports the College's employment recruiting activities. It is used by prospective employees to identify and apply for open positions online, and by Dartmouth departments to manage the recruitment process.


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