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    Media Storage and Sharing at Dartmouth


    Dartmouth offers a wide variety of digital media services for storing and sharing media with others. This page explains how to request assistance selecting a media hosting solution. Key considerations for shared media include access control, copyright protection, and whether the data should be available for download or streamed. In addition, special attention should be given to whether any of the hosted data contains information protected by HIPAA, FERPA, or Dartmouth's Information Security Committee (DISC) policy.

    Migrate from MyFiles to OneDrive for Mac


    Switching from MyFiles to OneDrive for Business for storage of your files is a 5-part process. You should be connected to the wired network when you make this switch. It will take time, depending upon the amount of data you are syncing.

    Mac OS X 10.9 and higher is the minimum Mac OS that is required for running OneDrive for Business.

    Part 1: Install OneDrive for Business

    First, follow the steps below to install OneDrive.

    Get Started with OneDrive for Windows


    OneDrive for Business provides unlimited password-protected, online storage for each user. This allows you to store documents, photos and other files online so they can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer. You can install an application on your computer so your OneDrive location acts like your computer's hard drive, or you can access/upload your OneDrive files via a web browser.

    Access from a Windows Computer

    If you have Microsoft Office 2016 installed, do the following: (If you don't have Microsoft Office installed, see below.)

    Online Training Resources


    Dartmouth licenses online training from two companies: Microsoft and

    To access courses available through Microsoft:

    Phone Number Lookup


    When you want to see who is assigned to a specific Dartmouth phone number, you can use the tool for that. Simply enter any digits of their phone number in the Type name field and press Enter. Anyone that has the digits you entered in their Phone field will be displayed.

    Zoom Meeting Quick Reference Guide

    Applies To

    Zoom Meeting hosts who have a Dartmouth Zoom account

    Zoom Meeting participants who do not have a Dartmouth Zoom account.


    See the attached Best Practices and Quick Reference Cards. 

    For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom, see



    Leaving Dartmouth - Export Email and Contacts to Gmail


    Follow the steps below to transfer email and contacts from your account to a Gmail account.

    Zoom Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Zoom?

    Add or Remove Members to SharePoint Site


    To add users to a SharePoint site:

    How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting?

    Applies To

    Anyone who wants to join a Zoom meeting.


    See attached guide for joining a Zoom meeting from computer, phone, or mobile device.



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