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    Virtual Servers Service Overview



    Dartmouth provides several virtual server configuration options. The service offerings are based on the nature of the computing workload or applications being serviced by the virtual server. Our experienced team is available to discuss particular application workload and operational characteristics to assist individuals with selecting the appropriate virtual server configuration.

    Available to

    Departments and Faculty

    VPN Client for Linux


    Dartmouth uses Big-IP Edge Client for VPN access. On a Windows or Mac OS X computer, that requires software be installed on the computer before the VPN connection is tried.

    On a Linux computer, VPN access is provided via a Big-IP Edge web-based plugin. Open a browser and enter in the URL field.

    Remove previous Linux VPN clients such as Juniper Network and Network Connect clients.

    VPN Client for Mobile Devices


    Dartmouth uses an application that requires software be installed on the device before the VPN connection is tried. The product is named F5 Access; older versions are named Big-IP Edge Client.

    Before you begin

    Make sure you have removed any old VPN clients from your computer. The old Juniper VPN and Junos Pulse system should be entirely removed from your device before you can install and use the F5 Access Client. Make sure to look for an remove Juniper, Junos Pulse and Network Connect.

    FileMaker Web Publishing


    FileMaker offers the ability to publish a FileMaker database to the web so that people can access the database without having the FileMaker client installed. However, there are limitations to accessing a FileMaker database via the web. 

    Installation of System Center Configuration Manager Client (SCCM)

    System Center Configuration Manager Client Installation

    System Center Configuration Manager or SCCM is a comprehensive support solution for computer systems utilizing Microsoft Windows operating systems. With SCCM, ITC technicians can proactively manage the entire lifecycle of all Windows-powered devices. This includes deploying and maintaining systems and software, responding to security threats, distributing settings, and analyzing inventory data.  The following steps will guide you through the installation of the agent onto your computer.


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