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    Install System Center Configuration Manager Client (SCCM)

    Applies To

    • Computers owned by Dartmouth College
    • Windows 7, 8, and 10
    • Active Directory (Kiewit) joined computers only


    No Internet Access when connected to Dartmouth Virtual Private Network (VPN)


    The most common cause of no internet access, when connected to Dartmouth’s VPN – Big-IP Edge Client or F5 Access, is the presence of an anti-malware or third-party antivirus utility running on the Windows OS.

    If you attempt to connect using a personal computer, there may be antivirus software installed that is disabling the internet connection. To rectify the issue, be sure to disable or completely remove third-party antivirus software.

    Power BI Login Experience for Advancement

    Applies To

    Advancement Staff who are licensed to use PowerBI Pro to access reports from the Data Warehouse



    See attached steps to login


    Windows 10 Quick Start Guide

    Applies To

    Windows 10 Upgrades and New Windows 10 Computers


    The attached PDF document provides an overview of the most important features of the Windows 10 desktop so you can get going quickly and be more productive.


    Computer Assurance Program - How to Join


    Departments at Dartmouth are encouraged to participate in the Computer Assurance Program (CAP).

    Remote IT Support Sessions


    Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) has a tool called TeamViewer that allows our staff members to take control your computer remotely, but ONLY WITH YOUR EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

    Locate a Hardware (MAC) Address


    This information is usually found somewhere on the electronic device - usually on the bottom, rear, or on the FCC label. In some cases (i.e. cell phones, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) it may require the user to look in the Settings application at the "About", "General Information" or "Network Settings" of the device.

    On a Windows computer, you can find the hardware address by using the Command Prompt window. To do this:

    Transition from BlueJeans to Zoom


    BlueJeans video conferencing service will no longer be available after July 31, 2018 when Dartmouth’s license expires. Zoom replaces BlueJeans as the supported video conferencing platform available to all Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students. BlueJeans users will need to transition to Zoom before July 30. Follow the 3 steps below to transition to Zoom.

    Eduroam Wireless Network


    Follow the steps below to configure the Eduroam wireless network on your computer/device. Once you do this, whenever you are at any institution with Eduroam, simply enter your Dartmouth username and password (as noted below) and you will be connected to that institution's eduroam wireless network.

    Windows 8/10:


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