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    ServiceWorks - The Computer Store System


    ServiceWorks is the point-of-sale and repair management system used by The Computer Store. It allows store staff to manage inventory, equipment, sales, and repairs.

    In order to access and use ServiceWorks, you need software installed on your computer and Oracle Database access.

    For assistance with ServiceWorks, please contact [email protected].

    WebADI - Journal Entry Submission System


    The Web Application Desktop Interface (WebADI) is a tool managed by the Controller's Office that is used for uploading Journal Entries to the General Ledger (GL) when they do not involve grant funding. If you have entries that do involve grant funding or a combination of grant and non-grant funding, you must use the Sponsored Projects Upload Device (SPUD).

    Accessing EMS


    An active Dartmouth account is all that is needed to access the Event Management System (EMS or VEMS). Special permission is not needed for accessing this system and seeing the rooms that are available. It is the EMS Desktop application that requires special privileges, but that is only needed for those departments that approve room reservations (such as Conferences and Events). 

    To access EMS, go to and log in with your NetID and password. 

    Yardi Property Management System


    Yardi is a system used by the Real Estate Office for tracking property management, including tenant leases and financial reporting. This is a Web-based application that relies on your Dartmouth NetID and password as the user login credentials. For additional information about Yardi, please contact Robin Pych in the Campus Services division.

    Accessing CS Gold via RDS


    CSGold is accessed via Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. 

    Users are required to be in the "RDS-CSGold Users" AD security group. 

    To add a new member to RDS-CSGold Users, create a Service Now request and assign it to PAG (Packages Applications Group).  PAG will work with Card Services to approve requests to add new members.

    See the attached document for information.

    Accessing AudienceView


    This system requires access permissions and is *ONLY*used by Dartmouth's Ticketing Offices.

    Getting Access

    To request access, the supervisor of the ticketing office employee should send an email to [email protected] with the appropriate permissions request.

    Logging In

    Once you have been granted permissions, you will be supplied with login specifics.

    Accessing Advance


    In order to gain access to the Advance system, users must have privileges assigned within the Advance system.

    If you need access to Advance, please complete the form at

    Logging in to Advance

    Course Assessment


    Support for the Course Assessment system is provided through the Undergraduate Registrar's Office. They have a FAQ webpage at Any additional questions or issues with Course Assessment need to be sent to [email protected] Someone from the Registrar's Office will contact you with assistance.

    EMS Training


    Training is currently available on an as-needed basis. It is assumed that all attendees are computer literate. To request training, please contact your EMS systems administrator or e-mail [email protected] and provide the following information:

    1. Attendees names.
    2. Training needs.
    3. Preferred training dates.


    Institutional Reporting and Analysis Service Overview



    Dartmouth's Institutional Reporting and Data Analytics toolset uses the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), a central integrated repository of Financial and Student data including data marts for the following areas: General Ledger (GL), Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA), Human Resources (HR) and Labor Distribution (LD), Procurement, Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Fixed Assets, Endowment, Facilities (FAMIS), P-Card, Kronos, Advancement, Student Financial Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, Grades, Course Timetable, and Course Assessment.


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